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    So, after owning my KEYone for over a year I actually need to use mine to watch some videos for work, and I'm completely stumped on how to display them in 16:9 letterbox in landscape mode?

    Is there a setting to choose different aspect ratios across all apps? I can't imagine that we're supposed to watch 16:9 videos squished and distorted into the 3:2 screen.

    Or am I wrong and I just need to use a different device to watch video in the correct aspect ratio?

    Considering 16:9 is the video standard, and has been for almost 20 years now, displaying video in that format, with black bars above and below, ought to be an option, no?
    08-31-18 10:46 PM
  2. mvsalvino's Avatar
    I have never seen a video get squished on my K1. They always letterbox properly in the browser or gallery apps for me. What app are you using to watch them?

    The thing that annoys me is you cannot double tap on a video to zoom it in like you could on the Q10/Classic.
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    08-31-18 11:15 PM
  3. bb10adopter111's Avatar
    It's the edX education app, but I also saw it last year with the TBS network app during the baseball playoffs.

    If it's up to individual developers to decide how to support video, I don't see the point in Android bothering to regulate screen aspect ratios. It can't be about the quality of the user experience if they don't even enforce standards for the approved screen ratios.

    Posted with my trusty Z10
    09-01-18 01:32 PM

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