1. FF22's Avatar
    Actually, even made it during the month of issue. AMAZING. I'm sure that I missed the posting of this momentous (g) occasion.
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    01-25-19 12:45 PM
  2. zephyr613's Avatar
    You did
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    01-25-19 02:03 PM
  3. paperplanes7's Avatar
    now we'll wait another 3 years for the next update...
    01-26-19 11:32 AM
  4. isdnip's Avatar
    Buggy. ABO rolled out to my Verizon-served (unlocked) CDMA KeyONE. Now a nasty misfeature in the hub is worse than before. I had to change an email server. I could not change the server -- BB Android doesn't let me. So I created a new mail account and started downloading that. And I set the old account to Sync Interval - Never. That stopped it from querying a server where I no longer have an account. With ABO installed, it ignores the NEVER and tries to poll that server a few times a day, giving me big fat error messages. I can't delete the account, though, because that would apparently delete all of the already-downloaded mail associated with it. Which is dumb too, but not new.
    01-30-19 01:44 PM
  5. rotorwrench's Avatar
    I have 5 email accounts in the Hub and no issues so far.

    As has always been the case with updates on any phone, if there were existing bugs, issues or corrupt files, many times the update will make it evident or worse , correspondingly the update gets blamed.

    Usually if the update is bad we would normally see common issues appear widespread among the updated devices, as explained to me by our IT guy years ago when I was blaming an update on a glitch I was having. No one else in our company was having the same problem. Eventually did a factory wipe and reloaded the same update, no problems. I had an existing ,but not evident to me, issue going on that the update exposed.
    01-30-19 06:24 PM
  6. isdnip's Avatar
    The bug only happens on a non-polling account, where the POP server no longer lets me log in. The hub now polls it anyway, every couple of hours, and then asks if I want to try a different password. a proper mail program would let received messages stay on the unit without keeping the POP server, but the hub seems to be designed around the viewport/IMAP model, where the mail lives on the server and without the server there's no reason to have the cache. I do that with an IMAP account, but this was a POP server and POP is for downloading and keeping. Since I'm keeping, it's trying to sync. That's a new bug in ABO; ABD knew not to poll me.
    01-31-19 11:42 AM

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