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    I have one of the new generation dumbphones with LTE. It allows tethering and unless receiving a call I want to have a distraction free productivity device. My Z30 could have been that, but I can't even get my iPhone to accept BlueTooth Tethering. I know iPad and other tablets can tether like this.

    For the purpose of low power non-media web usage can I use a KEYone to get Web Access as if it were a tablet instead of leaving on a Wi-Fi hotspot draining my dumbphone's battery quickly? The idea is to turn off every signal on the KEYone except the BlueTooth to extend the onscreen time and keep web access.

    Thanks for your help. I hope I explained my question clearly.
    07-11-17 04:38 PM
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    For $800 I would find other uses for it besides low power Web usage and Bluetooth tethering. Waste of good hardware and money imho
    07-11-17 04:42 PM
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    Good advice and precisely why I shouldn't take an expensive smartphone everywhere when it's not necessary some days. That's why this would be perfect. I have an almost 3 year old Classic the battery is giving out on. Tried the Passport briefly (issue is no CDMA passport and again could not connect to BlueTooth Tethering on BB10). Considered a swappable battery Blackberry like the 9900/9930, but on an older post got no confirmation. The Typo keyboard is over $100 and not sold for my iPhone model anymore.

    Do you have any suggestions? I have an 8 inch Netbook which is very cramped so from there I can only size up to normal or size down to handheld. My dumbphone uses a nanosim so I could easily swap out if I got the CDMA variant.

    Appreciate your help. Briefly considered Windows Phone because Windows 7 and higher can get web access by Access Point in BlueTooth. I thought about getting a Chromebook and it doesn't allow this type of connectivity. I'm not keen on finding anything not Blackberry with the text expansion macro which would be a plus.

    Do I really have any option besides KEYone? Hard to get much done on a tablet size touch screen. All I need is confirmation. If KEYone can't connect to BlueTooth Hotspot then it's not a viable option for now and I can hold out until KEYone makes it down to $400 to justify it.
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    07-11-17 05:12 PM
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    Buy a tablet lol
    07-11-17 09:15 PM
  5. donnation's Avatar
    I'd just go buy a tablet.
    07-11-17 11:25 PM
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    Thanks. Took all your advice. Just bought Kindle Fire with 7 inch screen. May need to get a bag or strap. Was going for pocket size, but if it gets stolen I could buy 5 more and still not cost as much as a KEYone. I will give it a month or more and if no physical keyboard and only 8 hours of battery gets to me Might wait for a sale or look into strapping a battery brick to the classic and leave off Wi-Fi except I can't standby with messages. Seeing issues with this plan. Hopefully these limitations don't waste time.

    Anybody think I could rig up a way to keep the screen always in sight like Google daydream goggles?

    Anybody know how this keyboard feels? Instead of a Passport it's a iPazzPort. How good of a compromise is this? I don't know if Blackberry has a product like a keyboard without the screen. Old kindle

    Anybody have experience with this? Screen looks slow for documents. Kindle keyboard ereader.

    Found Blackberry replacement. Anybody tried this one? Have to wait a whole month to get from China if I do.

    No this. We don't need blackberry phones if we got this. Where do we buy it?

    Please share your experiences with any product I found for documents and emails. Don't know what to trust because all this is Chinese. The good keyboards looking like Blackberries might use RF receiver only.
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    07-12-17 04:38 AM
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    Buy a case with a Bluetooth keyboard, those cases all have kickstands so you can keep the screen up and in view.
    07-12-17 12:52 PM
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    This is some good brainstorming. I recommend these ideas to you and for your advice to others in the future. I wish some of you suggested this to me. Might summarize the SmartSheep idea illusion for a sticky later.

    TL;DR: Still doing your ideas. Just found a new direction. Going to do better time management for when I can be at a real workstation with a full keyboard vs gadgets. Giving a look over Priv for BlueTooth Tethering for the future. Going to investigate battery type support for battery changing aka new battery for unsupported smart gadgets getting fresh batteries. Investigating into taking apart said gadgets when there is no removable battery or strapping on a power brick. Then better workflow going to see if I can OPT-OUT of using business apps and be less connected. Thinking about old fashioned paper notepads and Smartpens like Livescribe. Weigh your options. Go against the norms and see how productive you can be disconnected. My needs were dependent on keeping apps connected. If I can't do so you have me thinking why even try. I think we're onto something here. Nobody ever answered if KEYone getting to connect to a BlueTooth Tether hotspot was possible. Great time to see if the Priv can. After thinking long and hard about this myself, I think all of us including you need to think long and hard about if Blackberry is right for us. No disrespect, but if we don't work for a company we are just prosumers. The answer sounds to be usually not. If I'm not doing video watching I for sure don't need a smartphone. My dumbphone can do that and check this pen out. This is the next big thing for me. Instead of thinking about what a gadget can do let's think about how it benefits our productivity. Not very much. Smartpens could be a good happy medium.


    Here is my Show-Your-Work so you see why this makes sense:

    Hoped for a long lasting keyboard for on the go. Seeing now a Microsoft Surface 32gb is in the $200 range on ebay. Less battery and needing a table to sit down at is inconvenient. On the move quite a bit for note taking between the typing in a IT type role. The crackberry followers are going to be the techy people often below the latest and greatest. The premium price being the business tax and sturdy build. Props to all of you for making me really think about my options and not trying to sell me on a KEYone if you believe it was a bad idea for my use.

    After the tablet I bought. The direction your advice is pushing me in is none of you are that productive on Blackberry to justify treating it more than just a phone and less waste to get. My experience BB10 is a bad typing operating system because once your note area gets extremely long the text starts to cause delayed key input and unruly navigation and my Classic was even corrupting and losing my email drafts leading to a jumbled mess of embarrassment sent to one of my clients.

    Second guessing the Fire 7 choice. Will stick it out for now.

    Microsoft Surface 32gb was under $200 for laptop experience and swap to tablet
    Priv is $160 for CDMA used. Has pull out keyboard. Battery sounds do-able even with bad reviews.
    Samsung Note for handwriting

    This downgrade talk has me doubt productivity in public:
    KEYone is a bad idea because price. Get a tablet. (no keyboard)
    Tablet has no keyboard. Get a keyboard. (tablet becomes laptop)
    Microsoft Surface. Old generations have bad battery.
    No Chromebook. Because no BlueTooth Tether.

    KEYone becomes laptop. If I go on from there I choose handwriting or typing.
    If handwriting get old Note phone. Hit old battery problem.
    Downgrade to basic paper notepad to detriment of connectivity or live productivity.

    Priv is 2 years old so I was on the fence. New and cheap enough to be a good idea. The battery being shot becomes a possibility of a refurb unit. The problem is nobody here told me if they can BlueTooth Tether. This is the point to preserve long battery of dumbphone and work gadget.

    Battery life doubts of priv and older and absence of keyboard to carry around leave me stuck at a table when often there for other reasons.

    So where I'm at.
    Pass on KEYone because price new or not a good fit like I thought.
    Tablet now. See how it is. Get keyboard if I need it as laptop.
    Priv possible if BlueTooth Tethering and has CDMA unlike Passport.

    In summary.

    All the above is how I got to this point and sounds like what all newbies seeking out a KEYone should think about. The following.

    Forget being productive OTG. That is for the entrepreneurs. Keep a paper notebook.

    Don't get a smartphone to use only as a PDA except as the main phone. Only worth it under $400.

    Time management to get work done home instead. No sitting time? Use voice dictation or brainstorming and save workflow for sitting at a table.

    We can keep going.

    It comes down to this criteria of each idea

    Gadget Requirements
    Long Battery Life = Big Battery, New Battery (<2 years), BlueTooth Tethering for WEB
    Keyboard = Sit or standing when no table available.

    Solution is if battery type is made. Old Blackberry battery sizes aren't made past life of the phone and often no longer for sale making a swappable battery.

    I either learn to strip apart the the phone to replace battery or get one with removable and assure this battery will be supported if i can't strap on extended battery or power brick.

    Giving up gadgets period alleviate some of these problems.

    What about a good old fashioned paper tablet? I found a gadget called Livescribe to better suit the palate of not being connected.

    Check it out

    Maybe these work gadgets are less beneficial than we think as we need to go to smartpens. They can't be hacked and the less connected we are the more secure we are except privacy screen protectors I had to keep customer information confidential.

    I think we all learned something today by having this talk and brainstorming together.
    07-12-17 03:08 PM
  9. Dragnet Sound's Avatar
    Didn't Chen mention a Tablet may be coming? Would be nice...
    07-12-17 03:58 PM
  10. butterbean1983's Avatar
    You think about your needs and I'll think about mine, thanks. I'm not a business professional, I'm actually a Barber. I currently run an android phone but I'm ditching it soon for a Q10. I am a very basic phone user, text, email, some Web browsing and some social media. If my needs become more than the q10 can handle, I'll get a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard. I like the q10 for the design, interface and physical keyboard. I don't own a keyone and have never seen one up close so I have no idea if it can do Bluetooth tethering or not. I was only suggesting that if you're going to spend $800 on it then you should at least get your moneys worth by using it for more than some light Web browsing as its capable of far more. You do what you like. Take my ideas or leave them but don't suggest that I need to be less connected. That's for me to decide. Thanks again and have a great day.
    07-12-17 04:19 PM
  11. SC9530's Avatar
    I found the Crackberry Podcast going again where I learned about the KEYone. Tablet has a place in the workspace. Question is where do they go from the Passport. Now for the Passport that would be a bad purchase because I don't have GSM. Hope they come up with a more custom kit like Google phone bloks was.

    You gave advice and I said I'm thankful. I'm the new owner of a tablet. I only tried them out a few minutes and never a tablet owner before. Not a big drop in the bucket. I hope I was wrong I needed a physical keyboard. If I give it a month we will see. As much as the Z30 is a good phone the predictive text is very finicky and I will swipe up and it take it as a type multiple times in a row. Classic is close to a Q10.

    Q10 has a removable battery. Classic couldn't do BlueTooth Tether so it may not either. Will they keep making that battery form factor for the long haul? It it got away from KEYone quickly. All good information. Just painstaking to dig and dig only to end up empty handed with device specs. The battery problem is why I had to leave my old phones with removable batteries. No good ones to buy.

    It will do great for Web browsing. More concerned about typing OTG. The point again is getting set on a phone and finding it isn't what we think it is. Getting too consumer and starting happy often ending with problems. You made a helpful suggestion to try a tablet which I bought so thanks for that. So I suggested my finding maybe we are too set on being sold for a phone when it actually lowers our experience. Not saying I was any different for some use cases. Nothing is for everybody. You gave me a constructive response. If my words seemed irritated I was up late looking at chinese knockoff keyboards and few other choices than going to laptop. Then irritated at my criteria and it got me thinking what is productive and what is not when we take so much time seeking features we want.
    07-12-17 07:41 PM
  12. butterbean1983's Avatar
    You're way over thinking and over analyzing. Really sounds to me like you're addicted to figuring things out. Just chill. They make cases for tablets with Bluetooth keyboards and kickstands built in. Tried to tell you that earlier but you got lost on some other tangent.
    07-13-17 03:19 AM
  13. butterbean1983's Avatar
    See the problem is there is no we here. My needs are not the same as yours. I have never had a phone that is as simple to use or performs basic tasks as well as the q10. Simply put it works great for me. I am not having the problem that you are of funding a phone to perfectly fit my needs because I do not have nearly as many criteria as you. So please stop with the we stuff.
    07-13-17 03:23 AM

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