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    I was under the impression we'd be able to share our Keyone's connection via USB. Hotspot works fine but ideally I'd like to share via USB. Anything I've found online says there is a spot in settings that I can find "USB Connection Sharing" but all I show is USB Tethering which doesn't prove to share my internet. Any thoughts?!
    10-05-17 12:20 PM
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    Check out the app PdaNet+. I've used it in the past (not on a Blackberry) to share an internet connection over USB. It worked fine for me.
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    10-05-17 01:34 PM
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    Hello my fellow Keyone user! I believe I have the answer to your question. (Doesn't hurt even if I am late, does it?)
    So the logic of Blackberry apparently is that in order to connect to the internet using the USB tethering you need an internet connection. Frustrating huh? But that is only for the first time - the PC will search for the driver online, install it and then you are good to go.
    To make it clear, what I did:
    1. Connected the phone to PC using USB cable
    2. Turned USB tethering on
    3. Saw that nothing happened on laptop, opened the Device Manager from PC's Control Panel.
    4. The Device Manager showed an unknown device named CDC NCM
    5. Turned on Mobile Hotspot on the phone (yes they can work simultaneously with USB tethering)
    6. After the PC connected through WIFI to the internet clicked on the unknown device in the Device Manager and started updating the drivers.
    7. Watched the computer finish the process and watched the wireless connection icon change to LAN icon on the PC.

    Update: Today I made a fresh install of Win10 (used Win 8.1 before) and the above method did not work. Then I stumbled upon this link in google:
    Downloaded the file and installed the Blackberry USB Software.
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    12-27-17 12:23 AM

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