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    Well, i've had my KEYone for 3 weeks now. Here is a bit of what I think so far, some questions I still have, and some bugs I've discovered.‎

    Initial thoughts!
    This keyboard is stellar!! The keys press wonderfully, and it is so easy to type on. (Previously, my favourite keyboard was the Classic) The capacitive functionality here is more smooth and easier to predict than on the passport. The keys themselves are a clear plastic, and the underside of the keys are painted black. The silver lettering appears to be on the bottom of the key as well(but it's tough to tell. It very well could be suspended in the centre of the key) I hope these features adds to the longevity of the keyboard, and we no longer have to see paint being worn away from well used keyboards!

    I love that when I enter cursor mode, I have the option to ‎use the arrow keys to move one character or line at a time. These arrows pop up where the predictive text typically is.

    I would like to see an update that would allow me to send a text by using the enter key, rather than using the onscreen send button.

    Before the KEYone was released, I picked up a Passport and used it as a daily driver for about 5 months. I used it to practice with the capacitive keyboard. After I got the KEYone, it took about 2 days to get back to 100% speeds when typing on a normal shaped keyboard I love that the spacebar is back where it belongs! And I'm no longer typing the $ sign when I intend to press the letter M haha

    I hope to see an update so that within photos, the N and P keys switch to the next and previous photos. And when viewing a specific image, I and O can zoom in and out.‎‎

    I LOVE how the phone hangs up quickly after a phone call! No more repeatedly clicking the end key.‎

    The calendar application on the KEYone is so much easier to discern what month is being viewed!‎

    The settings screen took a while to learn how to navigate. I was constantly telling myself: I've seen that screen before! Where is it?
    I think part of this may be due to how these screens and lists aren't in any particular order

    Within the hub, if you type up a text, and don't send it, it gets saved as a draft. But upon backing out to the main hub screen, there is no indication of a draft in the conversation.

    On all the BlackBerry application icons, the shading is a nice touch. It's quite subtle, and it's as if there is a light above and to the left of each icon.

    Thank god for replacing the right shift key with CTRL. That's phenomenal. It makes selecting, copying, and pasting incredibly easy.*

    I'm still getting used to androids version of the back key. I find it to be quite inconsistent. Sometimes it will go back a page, sometimes it will close a pop-up, other times it will minimize the program altogether. ...is there an application that will prevent the back button from minimizing things? That way I could just hit it repeatedly and know with confidence that I would be directed to the main page of an application.‎


    16 Questions:‎
    1 if the phone is laying down on the desk, screen off, is there a way to have the screen turn on if a key is pressed? Currently, the power key is the only one that will turn the screen on.‎

    2 is there a better way to quickly close all active frames? (I know there is a Clear All icon located at the top of the screen, but that is quite out of the way)‎

    ‎3 what is a good way to set volume rockers to control media volume by default, rather than ringer volume?‎ And then have a longpress of the volume rockers change next and previous tracks

    4 ‎when using longpress shortcuts to change the ringer profiles, it cycles through vibrate, alarms only, and normal. But when it returns to normal, the volume changes, and becomes only ~15%. How do I fix this, so the volume isn't changed, and stays where I had it set (at ~70%)‎

    ‎5*when using the BlackBerry device search, how do I order the search results, so that text messages or files could always be at the top of the search?‎

    6‎*is there a way to change the functionality of the 0 key? When I'm typing, I use 0 FAR more often than Google voice. I think the 0 should be the main function, and the Google thing should be activated with a long press, or alt+press. ‎

    7 file managers! What does everyone use for a file manager?? (I need one that must zip and unzip files)

    ‎8*how do you add custom ringers to a specific contact?

    9 ‎how do you delete BBM off of your phone?‎

    10 is there a way to make all of the text conversations have a uniform colour? Rather than each contact being assigned a random colour for the conversation.

    11 ‎In the recent applications view, I have it set to masonry. What determines the size of each tile? And what determines how they will shift around the screen, and change sizes?

    12 when using the keyboard shortcuts to begin to 'play a playlist', why doesn't that playlist being playing? It opens, and sits there and waits for you to press play on the screen. Is there a fix for this?

    13 I was testing the 'snooze' feature in the hub, to remind me to resp‎ond to a text. After the reminder rang, it added a yellow line of text to the hub stating "It is now after [date and time]". How do I clear this notification?*

    ‎14*Can the convenience key be assigned to act the way the play/pause (and long-press for voice command) button works on bb10?‎

    15 ‎is there a way to make*youtube videos, and regular videos (I am currently playing them through the photos application) play while the screen is shut off?‎

    16 ‎when finished with an application, should it be left open and minimized? Or will that needlessly consume processor use/RAM?‎


    4 Bugs: ‎

    1 if the phone is set up so typing actions from the homescreen will open the device search, and you attempt to perform a longpress shortcut from the homescrees, the device search will open and query a string of whatever character you were holding(if held for 'too long').‎

    2 when using longpress shortcuts to change the ringer profiles, it cycles through vibrate, alarms only, and normal. But when it returns to the *normal profile, the volume changes, and becomes only ~15%, rather than staying *where it was previously set (at ~70%)‎

    ‎3*when using a longpress shortcut to lock the device, the password is required upon wakeup, and the fingerprint scanner will not unlock the device.‎

    ‎4*Within the hub, if you type up a text, and don't send it, it gets saved as a draft. But upon backing out to the main hub screen, there is no indication of a draft in the conversation.‎‎

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    06-27-17 10:30 PM
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    Does anyone have answers for those questions?
    06-29-17 12:47 PM

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