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    I have sent my Keyone for repair 8 days ago to the BlackBerry repaired center excuse me to Alcatel repair center name SBE in Kent UK.

    My phone was supposed to be repaired in 2 days. Today I contacted them because it's already 8 days. They couldn't find my phone with the imei and the repair reference. Unbelievable but true. I was transferred to BlackBerry customer center I spoke to a gentleman and he was quite surprised about my call although we have already exchanged about 10 mails. His answer was I need to speak to my supervisor and I come back to you . Guess nothing no calls no mail and no phone. I sent my phone for repair because my currency key was not working on the physical keyboard! Yes only that I know.

    As I was quite upset I called again the Alcatel, euh, blackberry repair center . After waiting nearly 20 minutes on the phone with the *same answering message sorry but blablabla. I spoke with a lady again and she transferred my call to her supervisor. *Yes Sir we have your phone, did you contact BlackBerry already!

    What a joke

    It will take up to 10 days to repair it, we will come back to you blablabla. What a disaster 4 calls about 15 mails and no exact details when my phone will be available.
    What really upset me is that BlackBerry does not answer to my mails!
    I have BlackBerry for 15 years but this time I give it up. My previous z30 microphone is no more working, my Prive front camera is out of service, the battery of my dtek60 drained like a North Korean rocket and now it's my Keyone keyboard key broken and I have to face with a horrible customer service center. A suggestion? yes don't buy BlackBerry anymore and honestly it's very painful for me to say that but that's the reality!
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    09-08-17 03:35 PM
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    my advice:
    - next time don't send it to SBE!

    it's a great device but @blackberrymobile needs to stop using SBE Ltd UK as their repair centre.

    Typing this from my 3rd replacement keyONE via SBE in the last 3 months after a failed repair of my initial purchase, and a 2nd faulty replacement.
    🤞 for you - hope it comes back in one piece and properly repaired..
    09-08-17 03:47 PM

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