1. Soapm's Avatar
    I'm having trouble adding my smartwatch as a trusted device. I can't find the smart lock menu?

    Can someone walk me into the smart lock menu where I can add a trusted device?

    I type "smart lock" and "trusted" in the search menu but neither finds the menu?
    I go into menu > Security & Location and don't see smart lock there?

    I am really lost trying to find the menu, can some please help?
    07-08-19 08:20 PM
  2. Soapm's Avatar
    I think I figured this one out, under Security and Location was a setting called "Trust Agent", inside that setting was a setting called, "Smart Lock (Google) that had been turned off? Don't know how or why that got turned off but it seems to have added the smart lock menu back.
    07-08-19 08:31 PM

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