07-11-17 10:48 AM
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  1. donnation's Avatar
    While I agree that previously they were on par with the branding levels that the tops have, now it's strictly about productivity.

    The only reason I don't get work done with the other devices is because on screen keyboard is annoying to type on. Im actually faster on the virtual than the physical.

    But the only reason I get stuff done is because I have a keyboard which I can articulate my sentences on with a breeze and even though it'll take me more time to do, it makes it very bearable.
    That's great for you, but it's not all encompassing for everyone. I'm faster and more accurate on a vkb than I am with a pkb. I can type circles around myself if I did a comparison with a virtual keyboard vs my K1.

    PKB's are great for many people, but they don't make a phone more productive imo just because it's a pkb. Many people prefer and type better on a vkb and get stuff done every day on them.
    07-11-17 09:38 AM
  2. aha's Avatar
    I picked up a demo Key One in a carrier store last week, surprised to find how far my thumb has to travel to get to the screen... I am using a S7 Edge and my last phone was a Passport, only a year away from PKB. Imagine how much adjustment a full touch user may have to overcome to like the Key One experience.
    07-11-17 10:31 AM
  3. butterbean1983's Avatar
    If your wife is yelling at you for suggesting a phone, you might have other problems.....
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    07-11-17 10:48 AM
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