06-05-17 01:07 PM
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  1. VeryBumpy's Avatar
    Yeah, this browser seems amazing and hope people support the creator by purchasing it.
    jamesharmeling likes this.
    05-23-17 06:59 AM
  2. kimosabi's Avatar
    Glad to see that this has finally made it to regular Chrome. I was using Canary for the longest time for this feature!
    05-30-17 10:34 AM
  3. GusBandicoot's Avatar
    Perfect! Thanks for the tip, much better placement down there
    05-30-17 11:32 AM
  4. m69c44's Avatar
    Great tip thanks
    05-30-17 11:39 AM
  5. Andy Wijaya's Avatar
    One thing, does enabling this still allow you to use the incognito tab? Mine doesn't allow it, so I have to disable this feature again (for now). I hope it gets fixed soon.
    06-05-17 01:07 PM
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