1. loco_j's Avatar
    Anyone else on three UK found that since the update that with the update the boot up screen seems to says Three and the homepage has automatically changed to the three mobile page (which hasn't been updated in years).

    Anyone got wifi calling working on the Three network and if so how did you manage that. Please do let us know so we might be able to do the same.

    Again if there is someone who wants to do add anything please do add it onto here if you like lol....
    09-23-17 04:27 PM
  2. jayw_s's Avatar
    Great observation. I am also getting the shockingly low quality picture logo appearing on startup now too. Good job I rarely restart the phone.

    Have you installed the app for three mob WiFi calling? It sounds like it kicks in automatically but under very very particular conditions. Do you live in a remote location?
    09-23-17 08:05 PM
  3. loco_j's Avatar
    The app is rubbish drinks up the battery for no reason, the call quality is rubbish. Kind of do, live in London on the east side but in a wonderful (piece of shot) flats on the fourth floor where I mainly get H. 4g makes an appearence once in a while lol.

    No traveling on the tube and ending up with coverage when on the platforms not the best especially since my mums ill I'm on call 24 7. So having wifi calling enable would have been on point on the key1.

    It's annoying being aware that key1 owners on EE have got wifi calling enabled but being on Three nothing of the sort will be ringing Three again and speaking to them.

    If there are more people on Three please do ring them and ask them to sort out the wifi calling on the service for key1 users.
    09-24-17 06:00 AM
  4. Azumarill's Avatar
    My startup logo is back as well, as of my update this morning! It used to be the perfect resolution on my Q10...

    Wi-fi calling appears for me with the app, although I can't comment on the call quality or reliability. In contrast with EE, I think a significant proportion of Three customers (especially with less common, unlocked handsets) do end up having to use this route.

    I find Three virtually flawless on pay as you go otherwise. A good antidote to the descent of Orange UK into EE.
    09-24-17 11:21 AM
  5. loco_j's Avatar
    I really dislike that app it would drain the battery out of the honor 8 and just run in the background. Couldn't close the app only way to do that was to uninstall the app after the day and then reinstall it the next day if I was working and re-register for the app to work.

    I'm not looking forward to do doing that again especially with the keyone. I don't see why they can't just enable it from there side has this is running Android now.

    If you search calling on the menu system wifi calling comes up and so do the wifi calling settings. Even if it's a carrier update would be nice of them to allow us to use something like that. But again I am no specialist and all I can do is wait and pray they are able to do such things.

    But loving Three this is no rant against them they do have a better network then EE and it's definitely better for money then EE was when I was with them. I'm greatful to be on Three but it's just one small thing.
    09-24-17 05:45 PM

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