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    Most are software issues:

    1. Call recording apps (ACR ie.) are unreliable on the KEYone. Some calls are perfectly recorded, some are missing the other side, all bluetooth (car + plantronics headset) calls are one sided. Tried other apps as well, nothing really worked as I desperately needed it to. I wish BlackBerry would develop their own call recording app just like ASOS built in recording app. This is a major productivity feature many people need and is so easy to develop.

    2. I wish BlackBerry would drop the new swipe "productivity tab". I just want them to let me swipe right/left and open the normal Hub app (from any screen), just like in BB OS. Two differently designed screens that show the same information is extremely stupid and confusing.

    3. I wish I could hold "alt" and dial numbers from ANY SCREEN.

    4. I wish I could hold "shift" and search contacts from ANY SCREEN.

    5. I wish I could manage the active call with hardware keys (press Spacebar to answer/hangup, S for speaker etc.).

    6. The ear speaker and loudspeaker are definitely not loud enough. I find myself asking people to repeat what they say a lot (obviously in louder environments, not in my office). Bass/Treble boost doesn't work at all.

    7. Dialing with hardware keyboard sometimes freeze with the dial sound, weird bug.

    8. Sometimes, there is an occasional unexplained lag (while all apps are closed) while trying to swipe home screen, open apps etc.

    9. I wish BlackBerry would add a built in blue light filter with timing options.

    10. Contacts app is not easy to use and quite slow at times.

    11. The keyboard type by swipe feature is not good enough for daily work. It's cool but I find myself deleting words more than writing.

    12. The Calendar widget popup is not expandable enough. I find myself filling the meeting details and then almost always jump into the calendar app to fill our the missing parts (repeat/notification/invite attendees etc).

    13. Changing language using the shortcut (Alt + Enter) refreshes my current Chrome page. I wish the OS would prevent further actions on the active app and will solely change the language.

    14. Sometimes the "hangup" red button and swipe to answer is not responsive, REALLY ANNOYING.

    On the bright side, Hub app has improved a lot and this phone is a true pearl. What bothers me the most is #1 and #5 .
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    06-13-17 05:04 AM
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    For #2 :
    Go to Settings - Display - Productivity Tab and disable it.
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    06-13-17 05:21 AM
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    I highly doubt BB would make their own call recording app. Its not legal to record calls in many places without consent from both parties, and that consent many times wouldn't be asked for or given.
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    06-13-17 06:33 AM
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    Isn't that up to the user? A user can also load an illegal hacking software to his KEYone or to take a picture of a classified facility using the normal camera app. That doesn't mean BB should block the camera.
    06-13-17 08:26 AM
  5. mnns's Avatar
    For #2 :
    Go to Settings - Display - Productivity Tab and disable it.
    Did that, I wish I could replace it with the regular hub app.
    06-13-17 08:27 AM

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