1. shriscean's Avatar
    I was wondering if there's an app that you can assign swipe gestures to open apps. Example: Assign the hub to a swipe left gesture.
    06-03-17 07:49 AM
  2. IdBeats's Avatar
    I have used this app called 'All in one gestures' for a while. It's free and it works great, you could try it.

    06-03-17 08:12 AM
  3. NightFire's Avatar
    Yes, All In One Gestures works or you can try Smart Launcher (just keep in mind if you switch launchers, you give up the keyboard shortcuts).
    06-03-17 10:04 AM
  4. shriscean's Avatar
    Oh I see. I guess I got use to the left swipe/hub gesture from BB10. Thanks
    06-03-17 01:52 PM
  5. NtotheK's Avatar
    Oh I see. I guess I got use to the left swipe/hub gesture from BB10. Thanks
    I just setup a Hub widget and put it to left of my home screen. There is a tutorial somewhere on Crackberry. I think Dj did. You can make it full screen so kinda acts like BB10. Cheers!
    06-03-17 01:56 PM

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