Hi everyone, I always use these tempered glass protectors, they saved the screen of my s7 many times. There are some on amazon, but with few reviews. Anything you tried and recommend? Thanks!
    07-09-17 10:01 PM
  2. GUIYOFORWARD's Avatar
    Ps it should be curved to cover the screen properly
    07-09-17 10:08 PM
  3. FishhPoohh's Avatar
    Look through the forums. Lots of threads
    07-09-17 10:30 PM
  4. JWWDUKE's Avatar
    I've got the lamshaw from amazon.ca. Has a slight curve on the edges and fits great. it doesn't quite go the edge of the screen but covers much much better than a flat glass protector I tried.
    07-09-17 10:41 PM

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