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    I have owned many BlackBerry phones over the years.

    I had BlackBerry 9000, 9810, Z10, Z30, Priv and now KEYone and I have to say that this is absolutely the best BlackBerry phone I have ever owned. There was always something with previous phones that I did not like. Z10 horrible battery, Z30 low resolution screen, Priv camera and poor battery but KEYone Is just perfect.

    Hardware is superb, great screen, great keyboard, awesome battery life and very good camera.

    Software is awesome. BlackBerry made such a HUGE progress since the release of Priv.

    And last but not least the phone looks just beautiful and yet professional.

    It is just a joy to look at it and own KEYone.

    This phone is just perfect. No compromises. Pure BlackBerry perfection.
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    09-01-17 08:51 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Good that it is "perfect" for you... are many other and older thread about other views, if you wondering... you can do a search for them. Rather waiting for them to restate what they already have stated.
    09-01-17 11:46 AM
  3. Dino84's Avatar
    I also enjoy it very much, except for the glitchy sym key feaure.

    Im typing mostly in Swedish so a few symbols I frequently use are ÅåÄäÖö, but there are several bugs with the SYM-feature such as:

    Auto-capitalization of new sentences mess with the SYM key view. Used in the first word of a new sentence it stays glitchy unless you start over.
    Using a symbol from the SYM view in Facebook Messenger deselcts the typing field. Quite annoying.

    Other than that, Everything is great about this phone. Especially the build, the battery and the keyboard. The keyboard is so much more pleasant to use than a touch keyboard. It takes a few days to get used to it, but then theres no going back.
    Just being able to rest the thumb on the front of the phone without causing unwanted input is sooo under rated!

    Two features that Id like to have in the next iteration is waterproofing and a higher screen brightness limit. I mean whats the point of having a portable office if I cant use it outside to full extent?
    09-01-17 03:15 PM

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