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    This is actually for a Blackberry Key2 running Android 8.1.0. I have the device synchronized with my Office 365 work account. E-mail and contacts work fine, but I have issues with task reminders. I did set up the account using the Blackberry Hub, though I don't use it to check E-mail, I use the Outlook app. My questions:

    1) My task reminders show up twice each. Once in bold and once in regular type. Why is that? (I tried to include a screen shot, but it is apparently not supported in this forum).

    2) On my old Android phone, when I cleared a task on the phone, it would update it on my O365 account, and vice versa. When I clear tasks in one place they do not sync to the other.

    I have tried making adjustments to general Settings as well as Hub settings, but I have not found the solutions to these annoying issues. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.
    02-19-19 11:59 AM

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