06-14-17 02:50 PM
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  1. Michael Saxon's Avatar
    I noticed that I went from cell to Wi-Fi Calling without dropping the call on T-Mobile USA... This is with the GSM version, BBB100-1... I haven't done a test the other way.
    Yeah, I spent 5 hours and 40 mins on calls yesterday. Calls seamlessly went from wifi to volte and back. Pretty cool.
    06-14-17 05:45 AM
  2. allbetsareoff29's Avatar
    I think OP should update the title. It's only for BBB100-1 variant.
    So what is the latest update for CDMA?
    06-14-17 06:53 AM
  3. Gregory Ryan's Avatar
    I've never had a phone perform like that - is this a T-Mobile network error or device hardware/software error - like how can a line ring but it get to voicemail and had an error - who wants to remember to turn off VoLTE in the event they need to leave a VM
    Yeah it seems like a weird for sure. Not sure if this is a carrier file, or a radio bug BB/BBmobile need to address. It bites for sure.
    06-14-17 02:37 PM
  4. Jody McLaughlin's Avatar
    I am on T-Mobile and my WiFi calling started to work without forcing it on wifi only and I see a performance improvement. Haven't noticed anything different aesthetically, but so far so good. #mytwocents
    06-14-17 02:47 PM
  5. Resilience's Avatar
    OK, in that case, which Google services need to be enabled?

    I disabled all but Google play services.
    Depends , some apps require google play services.
    06-14-17 02:50 PM
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