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    I use iCloud account for syncing. How do I set a schedule to sync the calendar. It is never up to date with my desktop and other devices. I have to issue a refresh to get an Calendar sync update. How to I set this to automatically refresh update?

    06-07-19 10:57 AM
  2. IceCreamPlz's Avatar
    my recommendation is to add it as a HUB+ account, the same way you'd add a new email address.

    You can choose not to sync email, notes, Contacts if you don't want those, then, you can change the sync settings.

    alternatively, if it's already set up as a HUB+ account, go to BlackBerry Inbox (formerly, "Hub"), go to the gear icon in the top right.

    scroll down to manage accounts

    select the account in the list

    go to sync interval and change it to "Automatic (Push)"

    scroll down to calendar sync timeframe and make sure you're happy with that setting.

    then make sure the sync calendar option is toggled.

    that should do it
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    06-07-19 11:32 AM
  3. R1945's Avatar
    Thanks, The shortest sync time from the HUB for iCloud Calendar is two weeks.

    What good does that do?

    06-07-19 11:49 AM
  4. IceCreamPlz's Avatar
    "Sync Timeframe" = The time window of events to sync; you want this to be as large as possible. For example... if you have this set at two weeks and you have two events, one scheduled three weeks prior and the other scheduled three weeks in advance, neither will be updated.

    "Sync Interval" = This is the setting that you want as short as possible. It's in the same window, above sync timeframe.

    I have my settings as such:
    Sync Interval - Automatic (Push)
    Sync Timeframe - All

    This combination of settings gives me near instantaneous calendar changes for all events, which I think is what you want.
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    06-07-19 03:06 PM
  5. R1945's Avatar
    Thanks, in my HUB for my icloud account I do not have the setting you show above.

    My choices are: Sync interval: Never to Every Hour

    and Sync Calendar Timeframe: 2 weeks to 1 year.

    I have use Push if supported on.

    Those are my options.
    06-08-19 10:13 AM
  6. IceCreamPlz's Avatar
    Thanks, in my HUB for my icloud account I do not have the setting you show above.

    My choices are: Sync interval: Never to Every Hour

    and Sync Calendar Timeframe: 2 weeks to 1 year.

    I have use Push if supported on.

    Those are my options.
    I did some research on this. I have good news and bad news.

    I've also added an iCloud to confirm the research that true push is not an option here and tested myself. In one case, an email I sent myself didn't arrive for four minutes.

    This looks to be a quirk of the way Apple has implemented push. In effect, it works great for Apple devices, but creates this problem for non Apple devices. They'll argue otherwise, saying there are technical limitations and whatnot and so forth; but it appears to be a business decision. Effectively they've created a degraded (but still functional) experience for non Apple products.

    Remember that they are using neither EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) nor EWS (Exchange Web Services). They've built their own homegrown push services. Connectivity with non Apple products is largely through IMAP.

    Those of us with outlook.com email addresses running the full version of Microsoft Outlook on Macs will remember that we didn't get push email/calendar etc on macs until relatively recently, when Microsoft rebuilt their EWS handling and gave it to outlook.com accounts, largely to circumvent this problem.

    Hopefully, someone else will be able to come up with some type of duct-taped workaround for you, but I haven't found it. There are some options out there that involve sharing your calendar and using a third party app to translate.

    The long story short: I don't think that it's currently possible to get what you want unless you change email providers. I'm currently happy with outlook.com, which leverages EAS (for mobile devices) and EWS (for desktops & notebook computers) to provide push. BlackBerry plays very nicely with Microsoft solutions.

    The good news: your BlackBerry is working fine.
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    06-09-19 08:27 PM
  7. R1945's Avatar
    Thanks for all your feedback. It is appreciated.

    Thank you,
    06-10-19 10:03 AM

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