07-14-18 04:51 AM
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  1. CarstenF's Avatar
    I need to replace my Priv (usb charge port issues and battery capacity low). I have to decide whether to buy a new Priv (239 €) or a KEYone (349 for the 3 GB model, 449 for 4 GB).
    Of course I know that security updates have stopped for the Priv. But I really like the slider concept and the large display. I wonder whether I will be happy with the reduced screen size of the KEYone. How did you find the transition?
    06-30-18 02:12 PM
  2. Sigewif's Avatar
    I have both the PRIV and KEYone (Silver edition). I am still using my PRIV along with my KEYone (with T-Mobile Digits plan) but use my KEYone more. I love the slider PRIV (and would have preferred an upgrade to a PRIV2 if there had been one) but my PRIV is not as snappy as the KEYone. I also know it doesn't get regular updates but I love the form factor, and, frankly, prefer the responsiveness of the keyboard. Personally, if I were going get a new device now I would definitely go for the KEY2. It depends on if you live where it will soon be available and whether the price would be a hindrance. It is a big jump in the specs department compared to the KEYone. The reviewers say that the keyboard is an improvement over the KEYone with larger keys, and in responsiveness, it is more like the PRIV, yet with more clickiness. Otherwise, the Black edition of the KEYone has better specs than the silver and I would recommend that above the silver one, if the KEY2 is out of your price range. You and I can both dream that someday BB will come out with another slider. In the mean time, I am just happy that they are coming out with PKB phones.
    PS: I have gotten used to the smaller screen of the KEYone and usually don't miss it, because it functions better than the PRIV in other ways.
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    06-30-18 02:45 PM
  3. rotorwrench's Avatar
    I reluctantly switched to the K1 from a PRIV due to a catastrophic accident to the PRIV. The insurance rep said they could not obtain another PRIV because it was no longer listed as an available phone from VZW. That being said, for some unexplainable reason, even though not offered by VZW either, they did allow me to buy a VZW compatible K1 and reimbursed me.

    With over a year on the PRIV and now a year on the K1, I still preferred the PRIV. It's basically a form factor thing. I loved the PRIV's keyboard as well as the screen size. I had no complaints whatsoever with my PRIV. For me it was the perfect form factor. While appreciating the spec improvements of the K1, I would trade that for a current PRIV on a current OS.

    That being said, I have been happy and satisfied with the K1. While preferring the PRIV pkb, the K1 pkb is still a great pkb, having no complaints with response or action. I have not experienced any of the complaints of poor call quality, speaker volume, reception or lag I have seen here in the forums. Bare in mind that I have an unlocked VZW compatible - 3 variant. Correspondingly I have no qualms recommending a K1 to a former PRIV driver if you you need an updated OS and security updates. If those aren't factors for you and you were pleased with the PRIV , I would stay with it.

    If another slider type form factor is released and it's similar to the PRIV in size, I'd be on it in a heartbeat, regardless of pricepoint.
    06-30-18 04:03 PM
  4. B1aize's Avatar
    Daily devices: Priv and K1 BE.

    only 2 things are better on the K1 BE : updates and battery.

    as you have a Priv, will not say the obvious, but he K1 has a poor speaker , bad coverage compared to the Priv, worse PKB.

    my 2 year and 2 months old Priv is keeping its daily use far better than my 8 months old K1.

    I use them naked.

    Keep your Priv and wait for long term reviews of the K2.
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    06-30-18 05:17 PM
  5. yellowhammer's Avatar
    Recently switched from PRIV to KeyOne on Verizon, and definitely prefer the KeyOne. The KeyOne is faster and more responsive, and provides a much better overall experience.

    Other than signal reception, the KeyOne is clearly superior to the PRIV in every aspect that I care about.
    06-30-18 05:55 PM
  6. totalysexyguy's Avatar
    My priv(s) were trash compared to my keyone silver, imo
    06-30-18 07:27 PM
  7. bcfour's Avatar
    Have both, use both. Prefer the Keyone for battery life and, at least for me, the better keyboard. The battery life alone, though, makes my Keyone more valuable.
    06-30-18 08:59 PM
  8. RWIndiana's Avatar
    Priv had a big beautiful screen but I'm one who prefers small phones. that's the main reason I like the KEYone better. Although it's still way bigger than I would need. My favorite size was the Droid Pro.
    06-30-18 09:06 PM
  9. the_boon's Avatar
    If you can deal with the downgrade of going from a 5.4" 16:9 AMOLED display to a 4.5" 3:2 LCD, then the KEYone will absolutely crush the Priv. I owned several of both, currently on a K1 BE.
    07-01-18 08:55 AM
  10. anon(2695703)'s Avatar
    I still have both PRIV and KeyOne Black Edition. K1 is personal. PRIV for work.

    screen quality: PRIV's AMOLED screen is amazing.

    battery life: No contest. K1 wins by a landslide. I can go two full days on one charge.

    other issues: no overheating and associated battery drain on K1 that PRIV still suffers from.

    in summary: I'll make the same comment here that I've made on other threads: 3GB RAM is just not enough. I think 4GB model is the only option worth considering to avoid lag issues, though you'll be used to them coming from PRIV ; )
    07-01-18 11:45 AM
  11. tfitzpat03's Avatar
    The transition was very easy for me. Thought I would miss the larger screen but the Keyone screen is not small but just smaller than most phones these days.

    I knew I wouldn't miss the slider because I use the pkb 99 percent of the time. The performance and battery I was gaining with the Keyone outweighed the nice screen and the slider for me. Also the update to Oreo will be a nice touch as well.
    07-01-18 12:33 PM
  12. CarstenF's Avatar
    Thanks for your help!
    07-02-18 02:47 PM
  13. step07's Avatar
    I went from PRIV to keyone and I can only have positive things to say about the Keyone, literally the only thing I miss is the form factor of having the slider.

    I'd probably go for the keyone with the bigger ram, I've noticed mine has slowed considerably when using apps like the HUB, BUT its still 100% faster than the PRIV (and battery life alone should be enough to make you a happy customer)
    07-02-18 03:42 PM
  14. mfk2901's Avatar
    I switched. I am overly happy. yes the keyone doesnt look as cool as the priv but it is no doubt the next best choice.
    07-02-18 05:35 PM
  15. rocker_man1's Avatar
    my priv was on the cusp of catching on fire all of the time. there is no contest the KEYone has been a better experience all the way around.
    07-03-18 04:43 PM
  16. ksloth's Avatar
    Switched and am happy. What I like better:
    -battery life is infinitely better
    -runs smoother, faster, less glitchy
    -keyboard feel much better to me

    What I like less:
    -the slide out keyboard was just very cool and quite a conversation starter

    Hey happy with Keyone!
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    07-03-18 07:22 PM
  17. ksloth's Avatar
    apparently I have yet to master typing on the KeyOne as well. apologies!
    07-03-18 07:22 PM
  18. Luke Coughey's Avatar
    My biggest complaint around the PRIV was the sharp square edges at the bottom of the phone, making it uncomfortable to hold.
    07-03-18 07:29 PM
  19. bitek's Avatar
    Night and day. KEYone silver is way better than PRIV.
    07-05-18 06:37 PM
  20. megafan2000's Avatar
    The only thing I liked better and miss about the Priv is the screen. Everything else I don't miss. Keyboard wasn't very comfortable to type on. Battery was absolute worst - overheating and typically needed to recharge by after lunchtime just to make it to end of day out of the box on Lollipop. Marshmallow improved it very very slightly. Keyboard, battery life, stability, lag - all infinitely better better on K1 . Since I have a 1st batch K1, those last 3 are starting to show signs of deterioration in the last month or so but my K2 should arrive next Friday, and everything I saw at the popup store seem to address all the major quirks I had with K1.

    Oh just for me personally the only other thing the Priv still has going for it
    What I like less:
    -the slide out keyboard was just very cool and quite a conversation starter
    Last year after I slid my Priv closed, the hot girl from accounting™ came up to me and said woah what type of phone is that. Told her it was BlackBerry Priv that runs full Android. She said wow that's super dope (her exact words). So just because of this I won't ever hate my Priv.
    07-06-18 10:42 AM
  21. speeddad's Avatar
    I need to replace my Priv (usb charge port issues and battery capacity low). I have to decide whether to buy a new Priv (239 €) or a KEYone (349 for the 3 GB model, 449 for 4 GB).
    Of course I know that security updates have stopped for the Priv. But I really like the slider concept and the large display. I wonder whether I will be happy with the reduced screen size of the KEYone. How did you find the transition?
    I was in your same position. Loved my PRIV but the battery was going south pretty fast. Cost of replacing the battery wasn't worth it, considered trying to find another PRIV or (reluctantly) get a K1 out of necessity. I opted for the K1 4/64 Limited Dual Sim model. My expectations were not all that high for the K1 and thought it would be an interim phone until something better like K2 came along.

    I'm happy to report that the K1 has far exceeded my expectations and is a wonderful device. So much, that even if I was handed a new PRIV, I'd stick with the K1. The feel in the hand is so great--reminiscent of the good old Bold 9900 and Q10 days (especially with one-handed usage). Performance, battery life, feel in the hand, etc. are all far better than the PRIV, I must admit. No need to slide the screen up every time to use the PKB since it's always there, and the lower corners are rounded off (PRIV has sharper corners which doesn't lend to laying in the palm as well). I thought I'd miss the loss of screen size but I actually don't.

    So, while I thought my K1 would just be a temporary phone to "get by with" until I found something better, I really love it and will keep it as long as I can. For me, I think it's a better option than the K2 (I don't think I'd like the K2's wider PKB and the lower corners are not as nicely rounded off as the K1, so the K2 wouldn't fit in my hand as well).

    Only downside is (compared the a Q10 or Bold 9900) is that with the larger screen, it's a larger device, so it's a bit "top heavy" but the K2 would be the same, and the PRIV was terribly top heavy when slid open. Oh, and I love the fingerprint scanner built into the spacebar! I use that constantly, and being integrated in the spacebar it's natural to pick up the phone with my thumb on the reader so by the time it's in hand the phone's unlocked. So, transition from PRIV to K1? Definitely a !!
    07-06-18 04:50 PM
  22. Blackberryfaithful's Avatar
    As one member said: lets keep dreaming for another Slide-out like the Priv. Perfect size in hand, screen, weight, and fits into cell phone pockets of handbags for women.
    07-13-18 03:25 PM
  23. Grungni's Avatar
    I went from Priv to KeyOne Black Edition and it's like night and day... Absolutely love my KeyOne, no lag, amazing battery life and great pkb...
    07-13-18 04:02 PM
  24. CarstenF's Avatar
    Thanks ffor your help!
    I found a KEYone black edition today in Amazon"s Warehousedeals for the pretty good price of 300€ and ordered it. I also found a repair shop on the Internet which will repair the Priv"s charging port for 60 € so that I can keep it as a second phone.
    07-13-18 04:23 PM
  25. Zdravko Jesus Raves's Avatar
    keyone = better pkb, ergonomic, faster, battery life
    07-13-18 04:24 PM
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