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    Hi Everyone
    OK, I've had a look through the many many thread about the screen lift issue etc and haven't really found an answer for my questions.

    So, here goes nothing- for those of us WITHOUT a warranty (e.g. UK and bought second hand), how would you go about manually fixing the screen? What I'm looking for is:

    1) How to 'unclick' the ribbon from the phone

    2) Best type of foam tape to use (I've tried 1 mm and its not
    too bad but I can't get all the edge properly due to being weary
    of fiddling with the ribbon in case I break it)

    3) Best type of exterior hold to use? By this I mean sellotape (but clearly something a little strong than that).

    I've looked a the JerryRig video and its doesn't show the process of taking the screen off to replace it in enough detail to do it myself

    It would be great to hear from those of you who have fixed it, and ideally to have some sort of step-by-step images/guides

    thanks in advance
    09-26-17 03:24 AM
  2. zephyr613's Avatar
    Here is the tear down video from JerryRigEverything - who (I believe) was the first to identify in video the screen coming off.

    Here, he explains the replacement that should answer most of your questions:

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    09-26-17 09:30 AM

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