1. techguy84s's Avatar
    Hey guys so just bought my keyone, checked the build date its 6/29/2017 its on the sprint network...

    does anyone know if there are any issues with devices built at the end of june? also have there ever been any issues with the screens on sprint? the customer service rep said the sprint ones have been fixed but when ic alled back the next rep told me they cant guarantee but i would at least have the warranty.. kinda sucks, but does anyone know when they started shipping the fixed ones? i read somewhere in the forum that it is obvious if its the new one? like the way it looks around the screen? i don't know what that means.. maybe someone can clarify thanks!!
    08-28-17 10:00 PM
  2. duncan86's Avatar
    Fellow Sprint user here. No issues... yet. I assumed the screen issue got resolved by the time Sprint started selling them in-store.
    08-28-17 11:48 PM

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