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    Edit 15-08-2017: Solved Found out both of the programs were installed on my SD-card and has performance troubles. Looks like the card has reached the end of the tunnel. After removing the SD-card and installing the apps on the device itself it works like a charm

    Hi! I just received my BB K1 yesterday and am amazed by the look and feel. The performance all together is also fine. However, whenever I try to open Sports Tracker or Strava its hangs and actually says "Sports Tracker isn't responding". Even when I wait and navigate in the app itselfs it stays very slow.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    Phone details:
    Model BBB100-2
    Android 7.1.1
    Security patch leven: 5 July 2017
    Build number AAM481
    Kernel version 3.18.31-perf-gea11ec9 (27-06-17)
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    08-11-17 06:02 AM

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