1. Lauren Alexander's Avatar
    So I have a BlackBerry KEYone and it has the android operating system 7.0 currently. I know for a fact that the latest android operating system is 9.0; however, when I search for software updates on my phone it tells me none is available and my phone is up to date. My phone has been super laggy for months now and I do believe this is the reason why. I have gone through all my applications and removed any large or unnecessary applications and also provided all updates to the ones I left on the phone. None of this appears to have helped. I was wondering if there is a way to resolve the issue? Thank you for any and all help.
    11-28-18 10:56 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Android 9.0 has not been made available to the KEYone. That's simply not how Android updates work. Each manufacturer has their own timeline to roll out Android updates, so some devices already have it while many others are still waiting.

    If your device is laggy, and you've done some general maintenance such as cleaning up unused apps, clearing app data and caches, you may wish to do a factory reset and start fresh which always helps clear out unwanted/uneeded/ junk.
    11-29-18 12:18 AM

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