1. Mattster723's Avatar
    So since I'm so still on the fence about the Keyone, is it easy or problematic switching between a Passport and Keyone?
    Anyone lose data?
    My main concerns is this k1 feels cramped typing and I am concerned about signal loss as well as the screen popping out.
    Anyone here switch back and forth their sims?
    My Passport is an OG unlocked with ATT, whereas I threw in a mintsim in the k1.
    09-30-17 12:40 PM
  2. conbrio29's Avatar
    Just keep in mind that if you were to switch your BBM to the KEYone, there's no going back to your Passport!
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    09-30-17 12:49 PM
  3. wgmalcolm's Avatar
    hi. I'm just on day two with a Keyone, changing from Passport. There really are plusses and minuses but I think the plusses win so far. I am finding the keyboard cramped and certainly not as fluid or easy as the Passport but there will be an equal amount of people saying the opposite. I have big hands!
    But, really, I haven't heard used it for work yet. I'm not sure I could type up a report while out of the office or such like but am sure that will come.
    I'm enjoying it though. I'll let you know if I switch back. Am seriously thinking of keeping the Passport to use in place of my tablet.
    I can't comment on signal loss. I have almost zero signal at home regardless which is why I need whatsapp to work..... that was a major factor.
    09-30-17 12:57 PM
  4. Mattster723's Avatar
    I don't use it for work as in reports but emails yes and looking at pdfs.
    The Passports screen is nice to me.
    I know everyone will say BB10 is dead as was BB7 blah blah blah.
    My main concerns are that I need to use my phone as a phone! (gasp!) that communicates via email and texts. That's my work day, calling email and texting clients.
    I do use the sillier apps FB and twitter, but not for news. I actually read a newspaper. I do like androids fluidity with the android apps instead of repeated crashing.
    But email and texting seems to be more fluid on the passport.
    I typed my opening comment on the keyone and this reply on the Passport.
    So getting to BBM, if you switch you can't swith BBM back?

    Posted via CB10
    09-30-17 01:11 PM
  5. jfalkingham's Avatar
    Whatever you do, spend an entire day driving around making calls. Some (like me) have found reception to be subpar.
    09-30-17 05:47 PM

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