1. mccorvey09's Avatar
    I'm using the Blackberry/TCL flip case, and what weird is that with the case on, I get a little bit of give in the screen on the right corner - very very slight but noticeable to me. Maybe the pressure on the sides is causing weakness in the structure? With the case off, screen feels/looks rock solid. Not sure whether to wait and see or what - it's not really a problem yet, you can barely, barely see it, although given some of the other people's experiences, I guess it might be an issue soon...in any other situation I'd just go to the store and exchange, but it's not quite that easy in this case! I've read that others have had to send pictures to TCL, wait weeks for a replacement - I don't have time to be "offline", and at this point you couldn't even see it in pictures. Thoughts?
    06-26-17 11:37 AM
  2. donnation's Avatar
    Honestly I'd get out in front of it if you plan on continuing using the case. If its showing some give when the case is on, to me that says that the case is causing pressure on the screen and causing it to lift. Over time it will more than likely become more of a problem for you with continued pressure on the screen.
    06-26-17 12:07 PM
  3. mccorvey09's Avatar
    Thank you! I like the case but it's certainly not worth damaging the phone. I'll probably go with a different case and see, since it really seems like the case is the problem since I don't have the lift issue when it's out. I was just really hoping to be one of the people who has no problems with the screen (: Thanks for your feedback.
    06-26-17 01:14 PM
  4. backtobb91's Avatar
    Another victim...
    06-26-17 03:27 PM

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