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    Just reporting a serious bug after my Oreo update. The most critical function of my KeyOne is dialing out...making calls. This is buggy. Works most of the time BUT on a daily basis, I need to restart my phone just so the call out function works. If I don't restart and I try to call anyone, it will just start the calling process and stop and go back to the contact/ dial screen. I also noticed the Bluetooth is a bit spotty too. Hope they can fix this with an update. I never had a problem with calling out prior to Oreo update?

    Also another minor bug after Oreo update. If using WhatsApp, "the hit enter to add another line" (instead of send message) doesn't work. If you tick the box, hitting enter will "send" . If you untick the box, hitting "Enter" is suppose to "add a line". No matter ticked or unticked, enter always "sends" the message. This is annoying since the messages become chopped up tiny messages that are hard to comprehend. Anyone else have these two bugs?
    08-23-18 10:26 AM

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