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  1. Tos Abrashi's Avatar
    It seems signal app is trending in corporate world. More secure?
    07-12-19 01:30 AM
  2. RK_BB's Avatar
    It seems signal app is trending in corporate world. More secure?
    Anything is more secured than a Facebook product, let's face it.
    07-12-19 01:38 AM
  3. Platinum_2's Avatar
    It seems signal app is trending in corporate world. More secure?
    Signal does have end to end encryption. I use it, but it lacks what I think are important features like message recall and post-edit like BBM.
    07-12-19 07:10 AM
  4. thurask's Avatar
    It's the same protocol between the two, what makes the difference is feature set and not being owned by Facebook.
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    07-12-19 07:13 AM
  5. chetmanley's Avatar
    There are some interesting research papers available detailing the differences between Signal, Threema and Whatsapp.

    While on the surface, Whatsapp uses the signal protocol, the way it is implemented, particularly in Group chats, is different.

    They found its technically possible for Facebook to inject themselves into a group chat and to spoof messages to contacts (a contact would receive a message from someone in the chat who never sent it).

    Whatsapp also sends a considerable amount of meta data. They know the names of your group chats, which means they know how many people are in those group chats and therefore who is in those group chats all by extension of the chat name. A group chat name alone can reveal a lot about what is being discussed inside the chat.

    In addition to collecting all of your contacts, they also know which device you're using and the cellular network you're on. If you add a profile picture, that profile picture is uploaded to the Facebook social graph which is their way of building data profiles to link users between Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. If you have your phone number on Facebook, it will link with your Whatsapp number via the social graph.

    If you share a link in Whatsapp, they know what website it is, as does the website themselves because Whatsapp sends a ping to both. This ping is sent by every contact's whatsapp client as soon as they receive the message containing a link, even if they don't click it.

    This ping will also reveal your rough location based on IP address (assuming you aren't using VPN or Tor).

    If your contacts are using Google Drive backup, they are probably sending their Whatsapp backups to the cloud. Those backups are NOT encrypted. So if anyone gets access to your Google Drive, they also get your Whatsapp chats. This is insidious because even if you are being careful about Whatsapp use and don't backup your chats, your contacts probably do and are therefore compromising your 'end-to-end' encrypted chat.

    So assuming their implementation of the Signal protocol is on the level and they can't read your messages (which I doubt based on the university researchers findings), they can still infer a very large amount of data about you and what your talking about just from meta data.
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    07-12-19 08:32 AM
  6. RLeeSimon's Avatar
    used whatsapp for voice to EU but seems problematic lately on same connections... Duo to the rescue !!
    07-12-19 09:53 AM

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