07-29-17 06:47 PM
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  1. vpblaze's Avatar
    What would be considered good speed? Mine is showing 24.2 Mbps download, and 11.7 upload. It's Verizon network, wifi off
    My main reason for frustration is that I had no signal difficulties in the past. I have always had good reception with Rogers.
    I would say a good speed would be anything around 30mbps. I could easily get that with my Pixel. Also, depending where I was, I would sometimes get 50.
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    06-17-17 02:27 PM
  2. Tsepz_GP's Avatar
    See I have thought that it may be caused by the way I am holding the device.
    While I have been holding it, I can watch the signal go from 2 bars 4G to full LTE back down to 1 bat LTE. It just dances all over.
    At the same time though, I am not going to use a case. The only case I like using are the pocket pouches.
    It's very frustrating. Regardless of what chip set is in this, it's a BlackBerry, it's signal is supposed to be top notch!
    The fact that you are now thinking of changing how you hold the device is a major sign of a bad antenna design.

    Rather get a slim case for it. I don't know if they make bumpers for K1 but if they do get that.
    06-17-17 04:12 PM
  3. chain13's Avatar
    Is the signal really this weak? Yes, it is
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    06-17-17 10:29 PM
  4. DB911's Avatar
    Assuming that I followed your instructions properly, I am not experiencing a change.

    1. Turn on Airplane Mode
    2. After 10 seconds, eject SIM tray/card
    3. Insert SIM tray/card
    4. Hold power button for ~30 seconds
    5. Wait for device to reboot
    6. Turn off Airplane Mode
    I tried this same method and it didn't work. The only thing that helped was to switch from LTE to HSPA+.
    06-24-17 05:45 PM
  5. anon(5364777)'s Avatar
    Ouch. My issues werent as bad, but without hd voice its hard to compare what it could be. Work elevators and some areas at the office: SE, 7+, classic, note7 all had reception ie: taking calls, and using data. K1 would have no signal in elevators and many areas that it had reception - both txt and browsing was a struggle.

    I first noticed when sitting in a metting with both phones right next to each other.
    06-25-17 12:50 AM
  6. deiop's Avatar
    It's not the chipset, it's physics.

    The case is metal. The case is part of the antenna system (inherently so, since it's conductive.) It has resonant frequencies, which are part of the antenna system and which it must have to work.

    When you pick it up the "wrong" way you change the resonant frequencies a bit because you are (more or less) conductive as well and you are now in electrical contact with it. This is true when you hold a non-metal-cased phone as well but to a lesser degree (due to inductive coupling) but on a metal-cased device the effect is much larger and impossible to control for perfectly.

    BTW historically (BBOS) BlackBerry phones have had horrid antenna systems. I returned one a number of years ago for exactly that reason -- I'm not sure which one it was, but it was one of the "real" blackberries before they went to BB10. It was unable to get ANY reception in my house where my former phone, sitting in the exact same place, was perfectly fine.

    The KeyOne's antenna system is in fact very good. Put a case on it if you find it to have unacceptable performance in your particular area and with your particular body resonance changes and I bet the problem disappears. It's easy enough to test -- pick the phone up using a rubber or other non-conductive thing (e.g. a vinyl glove) and see if the problem you experience disappears.
    I can confirm this behaviour. I am on LTE Band 20 at the moment with great - 79dmb, but when I cover the two separate parts of the frame on the bottom right with a wet finger f.e. the signal drops to -99dbm.

    Remember that 3dbm equals the "double" of transmit / receive power. So "connecting" the bottom frame (where the speaker is) with the right side frame weekens the signal by 20dbm. That is huge. A "wet" or sweaty finger or hand is enough to reproduce this issue.

    As every antenna is optimised for a special frequency, on other bands it might be another part of the KEYᵒⁿᵉ to be covert to loose the signal. I just can confirm for LTE Band 20 (806 / 847 MHz).

    To support several bands and carriers the KEYᵒⁿᵉ MUST have several antennas or antenna tuners to fit to the frequencies. So this might be the reason why some people complain and others (on other bands) do not.

    But I can confirm that here on Vodafone Germany "touching / connecting / bridging parts of the frame" results in a massive drop of the signal.

    It is easy to reproduce.

    - Install "LTE Discovery" f.e.
    - Take the phone out of case ;-)
    - Hold it by touching only the backplate
    - remember the dbm displayed...
    - "bridge" the two frame parts on the right bottom
    - wait two or three seconds and see the drop in signal quality.

    As much as I love this device, this is exactly the same problem we all laughed about some years ago "antennagate iPhone"


    -In GSM / HSPA mode the effect is not as huge as with LTE. In my place the GSM signal drops from -75dbm to -89dbm when covering the lower right frame parts....

    - Here is the reason why I had never problems during calls: Even as a right-hand person I always hold the KEYᵒⁿᵉ with my left hand during calls - so I do not cover the bottom right frame parts. So nearly no drop in signal when covering the left frame parts...
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    06-25-17 01:14 AM
  7. Malduin6's Avatar
    Of all of the devices being used in my home (BlackBerry, Samsung, and Motorola), the KEYone is the only device that does not work when inside. I literally have to stand outside to make/receive calls. All other devices (although weak signal) can clearly make/receive calls from even my basement.

    This issue aside, the KEYone is rock solid.
    Exactly my experience and sentiments
    07-28-17 10:49 PM
  8. whatsever's Avatar
    for me it seems the same like on the passport and in the elevator it keeps also connection where other people sometime lose connectionm

    Thinking at our works basements it has lesser connectioon then the passort. But so far no issues
    07-29-17 04:51 AM
  9. KPR1976's Avatar
    Try changing from LTE to 4G-3G-2G in Cellular Networks settings. Have been following weak signal on LTE since I had my Z10, then same with Passport. When I switched to 4G-3G-2G full and near full bars constantly.

    LTE has better coverage in big cities in Canada, i.e. Vancouver and Toronto, but fewer coverage outside of bigger cities. Maybe has to do with the amount of LTE base stations available vs the larger quantity of 4G HSPA+ and UMTS base stations already in service.

    At the same time your phone will have better battery life by turning off LTE. With the amount of WiFi hotspots out there you will need LTE less and less IMHO. Take it for a spin and let us know.
    07-29-17 06:10 AM
  10. Derek Stacey's Avatar
    First off, I really like the KeyOne. So much so that I went through 2 different units, bought a case, swapped SIMs, drove 240 km to corporate Bell stores to try to get phones from different batches. I really wanted this phone. If I can't use it reliably in my home though, it's useless to me. For the first time since forever I'm no longer using a BlackBerry phone (Pearl to PRIV and everything in between)

    I just got an S8+, Signal strength increased by 15dBs and download speeds literally doubled. If they fix the problem with the next generation, I might try again. Sad.
    07-29-17 06:33 AM
  11. HostessCupcake's Avatar
    Chiming in here to see if anyone else on Verizon is getting horrible LTE upload speeds of 0.01-2 mbps.
    07-29-17 06:47 PM
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