1. brothereye's Avatar
    I'm about to go to Japan for 3 months, and don't know which one is suitable to use, a Key2 or an iPhone. I'm in love with BB, but it seems iPhone is more popular in Japan, and if something go wrong with the Key2, it might be hard to get it fixed. Can you give me some advice?
    03-19-19 09:32 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    I'm about to go to Japan for 3 months, and don't know which one is suitable to use, a Key2 or an iPhone.
    Either or is suitable for use provided you have a compatible variant.

    it seems iPhone is more popular in Japan
    iPhone is more popular in Japan, but Android is also popular.

    it might be hard to get it fixed
    Possibly, but the KEY2 is available in Japan.

    Can you give me some advice?
    Use the one you want to use.
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    03-19-19 09:44 PM
  3. mandony's Avatar
    I assume you want to 'use' your own BB in Japan.
    Both the IPhone and BB work in Japan using either a Japanese SIM on an unlocked BB, or (as I have done) rented a wireless router from a Japanese vendor.

    If you want to 'buy' a Japanese region phone ... that has other issues, especially their customization.

    Your question about obtaining a K2? Why are you concerned about 'service' on a phone that apparently you only want to use in Japan for a limited time?
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    03-22-19 12:12 PM
  4. brothereye's Avatar
    I just bought a Keyone model BBB100-5, and don't know if it can work with Japan phone network, since I've heard from some of my seniors from Japan that Japan network capability depends on the phone brand, not its technology (? - kind of doubt here) Can you confirm this? And if anyone has any experience using this or other BB Keyone models in Japan, please share with me.
    Thanks a lot!
    03-25-19 02:18 AM
  5. stlabrat's Avatar
    bring them both - so you can compare (BBK2 for business and iphone for selfie... ;-). https://www.mobilewithprices.com/bla...an-5046.php‎
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    03-25-19 04:03 PM
  6. brothereye's Avatar
    @mandony I want it for long-term usage. That limited time is certain but it might get longer than expected, may be a year or more, and getting a phone that not compatible with Japan network for a long time is really quite troublesome
    03-26-19 02:05 AM
  7. headhunter156's Avatar
    I just returned from a 5 weeks trip to Asia with my Keyone. Before my trip, I was serious considering buying an iPhone for using on the trip because keyone isn't the a popular phone. If something went wrong with the phone, I may be out of a phone for the duration. Fortunately, nothing happened. But for my next trip, I will for sure to use an iPhone becasuse of the iMessage.
    03-29-19 11:13 AM

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