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    Hey guys, thought I'd share something really cool. Since the Samsung Note 8 reviews hit youtube I've been really intrigued by the "App pair" feature. It basically allows you to open two apps at once in split screen instead of having to open one app first then go to split screen and then open the second app. Which I thought was really cool and it saves time/energy and you can go right into multitasking like a boss.

    I was able to achieve the same thing on the keyone using tasker! There's an app in the playstore called "screens" which basically does the same thing but it doesn't allow you to assign the app pair shortcut to a key (which was important to me).

    Anyway instead of writing out the tutorial on here, I thought I'd just make a quick video to demo the functionality and provide a tutorial. This was my first time using tasker so forgive any mistakes.

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    Shortcut to open an "App pair" in split screen on K1-61934.jpg
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    09-01-17 01:18 AM

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