1. Alfsoft's Avatar
    Hello, this is my first Blackberry phone ever and my first post here, so I have a strong feeling that this info I'm going to tell you is well-known etc, but I didn't find it anywhere on this forum neither on Google. So...

    This app - Snap Camera HDR - lets you shoot RAW in DNG format right after you launch it without any tweaking. Files are 24 Mb in size and easily opens in Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Express and so on.
    11-06-18 11:40 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    You sure about that, since all the .dng files come out purple.. at least on the trial version.
    11-06-18 12:46 PM
  3. Alfsoft's Avatar
    all the .dng files come out purple
    Mine are almost all yellowish, but automatic white balance fixes this issue.
    11-06-18 01:59 PM
  4. wfm69685's Avatar
    I don't think this works. To be able to shoot and save RAW images, you need the Camera2 API, which is not activated on the Keyone.
    11-06-18 02:07 PM
  5. Alfsoft's Avatar
    Quick comparison. Left is DNG, processed in Snapseed with auto-white balance (and nothing more), right is stock camera app:
    Shooting RAW on KEYone? Easy!-bb_raw.jpg
    11-06-18 02:10 PM
  6. Alfsoft's Avatar
    More comparison shots between stock Camera app and Snap Camera HDR. I processed this DNG in Adobe Photoshop on my PC by lowering highlights and setting WB to Auto. Stock camera shots are presented as-is.

    Arrows mark advantages and disadvantages of DNG image. First, shadows. You can clearly see glossy letters on the back wall of this box in DNG image. Next, letters don't have these ugly oversharpened edges. But letters on the side wall are much harder to read in DNG because of disabled sharpening and noise reduction:
    Shooting RAW on KEYone? Easy!-bb_raw_comparison_01.jpg

    Here you can see much more information kept in highlights. In fact they are almost as good as on HDR photo. Shadows (on the hammer and below it) are a lot better too:
    Shooting RAW on KEYone? Easy!-bb_raw_comparison_02.jpg
    11-11-18 07:38 AM
  7. rolfep's Avatar
    This app - Snap Camera HDR -
    I bought it to try it out but I can't seem to set the storage on an external SD card. I gave the app permissions when I first opened it from Play. There is a message to "Insert SD card before using camera". There was an SD card. Even though there is a file browser in "Other" settings for the storage location, I don't see a way to create a new folder, so I did that with File Manager+. That doesn't work. It looks like the app can only write to sdcard/Android/media/com.marginz.snap/DCIM/Camera/ IOW, it's own permitted area. I've seen this sort of Android limitation before and don't like it. Maybe I can create a link. Thanks.
    11-11-18 07:54 PM

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