1. ShredRex5150's Avatar
    After a few months of going back and forth with Rogers and BBmobile, I decided to send my phone back for repairs. The notification issues and non-responsive soft keys were the main issues, as well as LTE drop intermittently.

    I would have figured these were all fixable with updates, but maybe there is something wrong with the hardware? Either way they said I would have it back in 2 weeks, will be curious to see if whatever I get sent back is going to be useable or will end up being sold on Kijiji.
    09-12-17 05:08 PM
  2. brookie229's Avatar
    end up being sold on Kijiji.
    Note to self: "Do not purchase a keyONE on Kijiji".
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    09-12-17 05:32 PM
  3. ShredRex5150's Avatar
    I should clarify I haven't sold it on Kijiji because it wasn't working properly and I would not do that to somebody. However I would sell it should I get a working unit. I haven't been using the phone as I have several others, and wanted to get it fixed or replaced before I would auction it off. Better?
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    09-12-17 05:37 PM
  4. jfalkingham's Avatar
    Notification issues I believe are Android issues? I know the cell reception is rather weak so would explain the drop.

    See what they give you on exchange!
    09-12-17 07:57 PM
  5. ray689's Avatar
    Notification issue was fixed in September update (not an android issue). I believe the softkey issue was also software related and fixed in an update as well.
    09-12-17 08:59 PM
  6. ShredRex5150's Avatar
    I flashed the September update and while it fixed notifications, the softkeys were still an issue for me and the signal drop also resumed. I waited to see if the most recent update would do it before I finally gave in and sent it back.

    I have a feeling early adopters like myself got some bad initial production run units. But I could be wrong, hoping a new one comes back tho and it will work properly. For now I have my pixel xl so not suffering
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    09-13-17 07:36 AM
  7. ShredRex5150's Avatar
    A little over 2 weeks later Rogers called to let me know my phone was back from repairs. But they ended up just sending a replacement, not sure if it was new or a refurb. Running the Sept patch right from setup screens and no issues at all. Odd thing is the keyboard seems tighter, more responsive. Clicks are firmer and zero issues with dropped LTE or soft keys.

    Guess I will never know if it was hardware, software or a combination of both. But the phone is finally working as it should and back as my daily driver. As much as I love my Pixel XL I still love the benefits of a keyboard.
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    09-26-17 01:16 PM

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