1. R1945's Avatar
    I have a 64 GB SD card installed as internal storage.

    Storage setting shows 16GB used of 91GB

    Looking at the Key1 how do I move apps to the SD card?

    When I install an app how do I default to install on the SD card.

    Trying to understand if the SD card brings much value to the Keyone.

    I can not use it for memory. Other than off loading pictures, music, doc's etc what else can it be used for.

    08-28-18 12:28 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    When installed as internal storage... there no longer is an SD Card. It's all treated as one storage container and Android will put stuff wherever in that one container. You should not need to do anything at that point.

    Storage and Memory are different things... No you can't use an SD Card to supplement your Memory, Android just doesn't work that way.
    08-28-18 12:46 PM
  3. R1945's Avatar
    Thanks for replying.

    So how come in Setting Storage it is not showing the SD card as Internal Shared Storage.SD Card Usage-screenshot_20180828-095632.jpg

    This made me question rather I had configured the card properly.

    There is no option to eject the card or to reformat.

    08-28-18 01:00 PM
  4. TrueNorth85's Avatar
    So for me, I put in a 64gb micro-SD card.

    I opened up the developer menu and (I think it's second from the bottom) activated the option to use the SD card as storage. Once this was done, I was able to install (and move previously installed apps) to the SD card from my internal memory.

    When I click on the App in the settings, then look at 'Storage' it shows that it is stored on the external storage device (SanDisk SD Card).

    I don't think there is a way for it to show your SD card storage as part of the Internal Shared Storage (since your SD card is external).

    To open the developer menu, from Settings do the following:

    -> System -> About Phone -> Build Number (you need to click this 7 or 8 times, it will then say Developer Menu is unlocked)

    Go back to the System Menu, and then go into Developer Options

    Go to the bottom of the list to 'Force allow apps on external' and activate it.

    You will then be able to install and move apps to your micro SD card (some pre-installed stuff cannot be moved).
    08-28-18 03:50 PM
  5. TrueNorth85's Avatar
    Also, since you posted 2 other things about your SD card, will just answer here.

    I think if you remove your SD card and put it back in it will prompt you if you want to format (I recall it doing it for me, but that was with Nougat installed). Removing your SD card and putting it back in won't damage it.
    08-28-18 03:53 PM
  6. R1945's Avatar
    Thanks for the post. I never saw that option at the bottom of the developer menu.

    When you turn off developer some apps require that does it cancel that option.
    08-28-18 03:57 PM
  7. R1945's Avatar
    How come in Setting-Storage-SanDisk SD card when I select the SD card the screen flashes some info (to quick to read), and returns to the setting menu?
    08-28-18 04:03 PM
  8. TrueNorth85's Avatar
    No idea. I have had that issue too since upgrading to Oreo. I even did a factory reset and that issue continues to happen.

    Regarding turning off developer menu... You can turn it off once you're done with it. The settings should remain there. There is no down side to keeping it active. I've gone in it to make that change (as well as the transitions, I set them to 0/off)... You can keep it open, just don't play with it if you don't know what the setting(s) will do.
    08-28-18 04:28 PM

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