1. sacha_is_good's Avatar
    I've had the following happen to me three times now and it's seriously starting to annoy me.

    ...oh, wait, there's not much to it other than the SD card keeps 'wiping' itself. I've tried different SD cards so I know it's not the card itself but occasionally I will go into the phone and things saved on the card will have disappeared and the phone will say there's nothing saved on the card. However, the amount that was being in use before will now be registered as being taken up (for example, it will say 64gb is in use of a 128gb card but there are no files to be found on the phone).

    I've been able to rescue the situation by putting the SD card in a laptop and backing everything up, formatting it and then reloading the files but does anyone know why this happens? Or how to prevent it happening again?

    This has happened to me over 2 KEYones and 3 SD cards. ANY ideas would be EXTREMELY welcome.
    07-30-18 07:57 AM
  2. mandony's Avatar
    If you have had two K1 then likely you have one or more apps that are causing the problem. It does not sound logical that two stock phones would have the same problem.
    Start from scratch by doing a backup, delete all apps, wipe. Then restore and install apps slowly, and determine the problem before adding more apps. Start ONLY with BB and Google appstore.
    07-30-18 06:02 PM

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