1. anon(8121518)'s Avatar
    Good Evening,
    I have my replacement Keyone running side by side my original and noticed two very different screens. My replacement is more on the yellow side while the original is paper white.
    Where as the old one has screen bleed on the top, where the new one doesnt.

    Any insights?
    06-06-17 07:05 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    There's almost always going to be variances in displays. That said, have you gone into Settings>Display>Screen Mode and made sure they're both set the same or adjusted them to see if you can make them same<>closer?
    06-06-17 07:15 PM
  3. anon(8121518)'s Avatar
    Unfortunately, tried it. Not even close. The yellow tint actually less harsh on the eyes.
    06-06-17 07:18 PM
  4. SeanSolo's Avatar
    Mine is perfect whatever color it is haha.
    06-06-17 07:22 PM

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