1. McFinnigan11's Avatar
    Hey guys, searched for something about my issue but never found anything so I'll post directly into a new thread

    So (I'm in France) finally had the latest update for the K1 so I was really excited about getting it.

    The upgrade was ok, no issue, everything was fast and functionnal but !

    Since, 4/5 horizontal bars are appearing on my screen when I'm on FB or whatever. The bars are equal, it's not messy at all.

    And this happened since the upgrade only, never had any issue with my phone before.

    So anybody got the same sh*t with their phone or what can I do? Can I use my guarantee for this?

    The screen is clean, it only appears when turned on and that can happen or not in the day, it's very confusing.

    01-15-19 11:48 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    There have been reports here and there of it, not sure it was entirely bound to the KEYone. Best bet is to just contact BlackBerry Mobile and let them know and see what can be done. Problems like that don't usually resolve themselves. Even if you wait and see, it's best to have it noted either way. - https://blackberrymobile.com/hotline...ervice-center/
    01-15-19 01:32 PM
  3. McFinnigan11's Avatar
    Ok thanks! I'll contact them then
    01-16-19 02:35 AM

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