1. jamesand313's Avatar
    Everytime I visit this forum, I get heartbroken seeing so many threads of faulty Keyone from camera glass shattering, screen lifts, sensors popping out, etc. I've had my Keyone going on a month and I haven't had any of those issues and I pray that I don't. I love the phone and I want to see it win!

    Any users satisfied so we all can rejoice? I'm feeling a little discouraged and afraid my phone will deteriorate soon.
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    08-21-17 10:49 PM
  2. jaimeturner's Avatar
    I've had my KEYone since June. No hardware or software issues. It's been a great experience, overall. I have high expectations and there's definitely suggestions that I passed along for the "KEYtwo" but I'm very satisfied currently. In the next iteration, I don't want to see any compromises. I truly want to see a high-end Premium BlackBerry with physical keyboard and top of the line hardware specs, software and experience that competes with any Pixel, iPhone or Galaxy.
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    08-21-17 11:23 PM
  3. strikeIII's Avatar
    I've had mine since release and the K1 has been solid for me. Definitely would like to see a more high-end version and I'd consider it to be my primary device. Don't care for battery life, any power user like me can drain this battery or any standard device battery in a day. Just give me raw power and I'll deal with keeping charged up! 😉
    08-22-17 01:27 AM
  4. ab190670's Avatar
    Had mine since June and all is well, a few android quirks I've had to get used too but phone is good
    08-22-17 01:45 AM
  5. feno's Avatar
    Had mine since May 17 and since day one KeyOne giving pleasant experiences. And am seriously blessed 😎
    08-22-17 04:52 AM
  6. mbirth's Avatar
    My BBB100-2 was manufactured in the end of April and I got it the day it was released here in Germany. No problems at all and it's running far better than the PRIV I had before.
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    08-22-17 04:59 AM
  7. gareth3685's Avatar
    Early model BB100-2 (build date is April). No problems and I love the phone.
    08-22-17 05:25 AM
  8. Mercuryuser's Avatar
    Purchased may. Going stronger than ever.

    Buttery smooth.
    08-22-17 05:43 AM
  9. TravoPC's Avatar
    I got mine beginning of June from Amazon UK and so far it's been rock solid, absolutely no problems at all.
    08-22-17 07:38 AM
  10. Ecm's Avatar
    There is already a thread for this very same topic. Let's keep all the "satisfied" comment there, please:

    08-22-17 08:29 AM

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