1. Simon6333's Avatar
    With the many posts on here regarding security updates, I started to ask a few of my friends and family about there phones
    Most of my Wife's friends had not got a clue what I was talking about ..
    Couple of my friends did but it not affect there buying decisions

    Same with my three sons , security updates were not even thought about

    Cameras, size , screen all were main points raised...and brand image

    Blackberry people must be different, but with Dtek app I would have thought we are better protected than most

    I really like this Black edition Keyone... Great keyboard , camera is good enough, love the Hub and for me the Locker app is great , even better now you can hid it

    Keep Banking apps and important documents in there ..

    Best Locker there is ...in my opinion ...makes me feel that my phone banking is safe

    But is this more important than security updates? ...I really don't know ...
    06-28-19 10:48 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Security is one thing.... Safe and Secure is another. How is your data protected from loss of your device (theft of damage)?

    I think DTEK does add to the security.
    I think BlackBerry tweaks to Android makes it more secure than some standard option (not KNOX or Pixel).
    I think having a phone that is current and up to date adds to the security (that's probably not a KEYone anymore).

    I don't like encrypted folders that don't allow for backing up the data - I know that my Samsung Secure Folder Data is backed up in case my phone is "lost". Does the TCL Locker App have that capability or do you manually back it up in a secure manner?

    Worst case your phone is gone... damaged, stolen, lost. Is your data still accessible to YOU. I've seen too many times where the security has gotten in the way of data being "safe".

    While I use Samsung Secure Folder... I don't really know that just standard Google Drive data is a security risk.... encryption is just another cherry on top.

    In the end... that's why they can't sell anything but PKB phones.
    06-28-19 11:43 AM
  3. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    Imagine a giant, heavy, 2-feet-thick vault door. Now imagine this door being installed on a canvas tent, or a house that has just been framed but not finished, or a house that has glass windows for walls. Obviously, that vault door, no matter how finely made or how strong or how pick-resistant the lock, is not going to secure any of those houses, because they are vulnerable in so many other ways.

    Smartphone security is even worse in the fact that there are literally thousands (maybe tens or hundreds of thousands) of potential ways to attack it, and something is only "secure" if it can thwart EVERY type of attack. For a smartphone, where users can turn security features off and they can install apps from anywhere and where they can connect to any of a hundred million networks, it's nearly impossible, but that's what manufacturers hope to achieve. BB does this kind of thing very well, but security patches to fix newly-discovered problems are certainly a big part of that - but far from the only part.

    For most people, the end of security updates should prompt you to start looking for a replacement, but it isn't a super urgent mission - it's probably another year before the lack of patches makes your phone vulnerable enough that replacing it is really necessary (especially a BB phone) - unless a major vulnerability is announced that your phone isn't patched for - and those DO happen from time to time, though nothing major in the last 6 months or so.
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    06-28-19 11:55 AM

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