05-04-17 09:01 PM
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  1. darknoob's Avatar
    05-04-17 04:47 AM
  2. ray689's Avatar
    This is a terrible review.
    05-04-17 05:13 AM
  3. fanq105's Avatar
    He got Paid By Samsung or Apple is terrible for Blackberry.
    05-04-17 05:16 AM
  4. The Big Picture's Avatar
    Even his closing statement is leading.
    05-04-17 05:22 AM
  5. Chris Townsend3's Avatar
    Well they don't criticise the IPhone 7 for having a similar sized screen. A lower score I was predicting, not even being able to do the test is disconcerting to be honest.
    05-04-17 05:26 AM
  6. donnation's Avatar
    Not everyone is going to praise this phone or give it a glowing 5 star review.
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    05-04-17 05:40 AM
  7. ray689's Avatar
    Not everyone is going to praise this phone or give it a glowing 5 star review.
    True but most will find at least something they think is decent about it haha.
    05-04-17 05:45 AM
  8. TheBond's Avatar
    Not everyone is going to praise this phone or give it a glowing 5 star review.
    Totally agree. Besides the phone has its flaws.
    We are fanboys and that's true too. 😂

    The phone isn't marketed towards everyday Joe and we all know it. If you're going to buy a phone, you want it to be jack of all. KeyOne is good at what it does and it pretty much delivers on it.

    These reviews need to focus on what basis they compare geekbench scores where the phone isn't even focussed for performance. It's a work horse and I didn't see many comparison on the battery life, typing etc.
    05-04-17 06:01 AM
  9. mnns's Avatar
    He's not all wrong. K1 is not meant for the greater public but for a niche market. It is good enough for that market but in my opinion isn't worth the money. The SoC is slow (regardless of the "KeyOne is VERY fast" fanboyish thread). It is laggy at times. Hub software is not complete and quite heavy. The launcher 3 dot peek preview is not useful. It is there but the same effort will get you to the entire app and not only a peek. I think K1 is definitely in the right path for BB. We must remember it's their first attempt to externally distribute and produce a complete business PKB phone.

    I'm eager to see the next BB devices, maybe a more polished K1 phone with a more powerful processor, better Hub software, better BB OS elements integration, better PKB shorcuts etc. I really believe BB can get this right this time.

    And please, BlackBerry, let us slide-right to the Hub from every screen. Please!
    05-04-17 06:08 AM
  10. NG888's Avatar
    I've had the keyone for a few good days.

    Hardware and keyboard are great. Especially battery life.

    But tbh software with nougat, nothing new, especially hub and launcher. If you are expecting new features, you will be disappointed.
    05-04-17 06:23 AM
  11. TheBond's Avatar
    I've had the keyone for a few good days.

    Hardware and keyboard are great. Especially battery life.

    But tbh software with nougat, nothing new, especially hub and launcher. If you are expecting new features, you will be disappointed.
    And that's I don't get at all. If manufacturers put their own features, like Samsung, people complain the "skin" is too heavy and they like vanilla Android. If it's too vanilla, they want features.

    See the people are never pleased. That's the market BlackBerry is trying to please.
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    05-04-17 07:09 AM
  12. Saurabh Poddar's Avatar
    Not everyone needs to praise the phone. But there is a difference between a tech review and biased opinion based rant about a device.
    05-04-17 07:29 AM
  13. Adam Rees's Avatar
    Awful review. Everything was negative even when taking about positives. Using words like "quite" and "reasonably"in front of pleasing aspects.

    Posted via CB10
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    05-04-17 07:32 AM
  14. soapydarren's Avatar
    Funny thing is....the reviewers don't think that the Samsung A7 with similar specs and price is too pricey. They'd comfortably rate it 4/5 or 4.5/5. They'd also never moan that a 4.7inch iPhone has a small screen but a 4.5inch BlackBerry is too small. Then the next thing you'd hear is how awkward it is to locate the power button on the left even when that's convenient for left hand users. I only wish the real users are not naive to just go with the flow. That's the only way people could actually purchase what they desire rather than just being led

    Posted via CB10
    05-04-17 07:54 AM
  15. sling's Avatar
    New video reviews:

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    05-04-17 08:16 AM
  16. Adam Rees's Avatar
    All the reviews are out!! Check youtube!

    Posted via CB10
    05-04-17 08:17 AM
  17. Mrjoshua02's Avatar
    Reviews!!! About to lose my whole day to these.
    05-04-17 08:19 AM
  18. Saurabh Poddar's Avatar

    05-04-17 08:20 AM
  19. mfreedmn97's Avatar
    I find these reviews a joke no matter who's writing them. Use the phone. Figure it our for yourself. Mostly if you are a fanboi the review is [I]positive.[I] If not then usually mostly negative. Read Crackberry Kevin's review. It's as you might expect (especially with BB MOBILE as a Crackberry partner) - very positive. The guy who wrote this review had an axe to grind out of the box. Picking on every flaw. Just like BGR.
    He's comparing a niche device made for people who WANT a PKB to those who use a slab phone. Those who want to play games don't buy phones like the KEYONE. Those who want to watch movies don't want this phone either. But they can use it. As far as the camera - ya I just don't get that. I took 2000 pictures on trips to Vietnam, Florida, Hawaii and so on over the years. I don't look at a single one of them, not one, ever , and say "jeez i wish I used a SLR instead". What are you looking for in a camera for goodness sake ? The pictures are rarely printed and if they are it's in a photo album you buy on line. The photos I have look fine. Terrrific in fact. If you want 35mm quality buy a 35 mm camera or whatever Canon gigapixel dslr is out there. Anyway I use an iPhone 6s (until i get my KEYONE). It's a great media device and it's flawless for app integration and performance for the most part. You can say about Apple that the stuff just works. Period. Then again for my needs the it's $hit for pretty much everything business related. My primary use. I spend ridiculous amounts of time spell and grammar checking. I switch between 11 hundred screens to check the various messages I get all day long. I wish it had ANY version of the hub. I charge the phone every 8 hours just to make sure if I am ooo for extended periods (at a ball game, whatever) that I don't go dark. It's all a matter of personal needs and usage. Hey how many of you love Star Wars ? It's 'loved' by all, no ? Personally I think the movie is mediocre at best. Everyone's got an opinion. To each his own but if you read these reviews and think they are in the least bit balanced and rational, that a'int happening. You can't use a sledghammer when you need a rock pick or a Phillips when you need a Robertson. Compare the BB KEYONE to any phone in t's class for it's purpose. You can't. That's the point.
    05-04-17 08:31 AM
  20. houselannister's Avatar
    Marathoning through a bunch of reviews right now. I just bought an S8, but have 30 days to return it, so it's almost decision time.

    A lot of complaints about speed. Lag and kicking apps out of memory. Mr Mobile said he disabled Hub and ran it as stock android and it performed much better. Really wondering how this phone compares to a snapdragon 835 or even an 821. Not in games, just in general web browsing and productivity.

    A couple other frequently mentioned complaints are the screen brightness is too low, the capacitive home button is not sensitive enough, and the speaker sucks.

    Everyone seems to love the keyboard, camera, battery life, and overall build quality though.
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    05-04-17 08:34 AM
  21. anon(5364777)'s Avatar
    Basically overall with better specs it would have been a winner.

    I also wonder about the constant rebuttals of 625 being fast and power efficient...wife has that cpu and it isnt special in any way with any heavy use. Not fluid as advertised.

    Damn, wish we had access to it now to feel it out...
    05-04-17 08:49 AM
  22. katxeus's Avatar
    05-04-17 08:51 AM
  23. anon(5364777)'s Avatar
    CNBC has just thrown up one: BlackBerry KeyOne review

    "Fans of BlackBerry may like the return to a hardware keyboard, but we recommend other devices instead."
    05-04-17 08:54 AM
  24. sling's Avatar
    05-04-17 08:56 AM
  25. khlover520's Avatar
    People are making the phone industry like car industry. If it ain't fast enough and doesn't go 0-60 in few seconds I'm not buying it! People need to be practical and understand how much power do they really need in a phone. IPhone 7 has the latest specs and yet it lags and hiccups. As well as latest Samsung phones.

    Posted via one of the Last of BlackBerry's Iconic devices
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    05-04-17 11:52 AM
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