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    I'll start off with a description of the particular one I purchased. It is a "Like New - Factory box damaged" CDMA refurbished model from Amazon. I received the phone in a standard brown phone box from Amazon. It was packaged nicely only retaining the factory phone and paperwork "folder" with SIM ejection tool included. The charging block, USB A to USB C cable, and headphones were all replacements. Initial looking at the phone out of the packaging things looked good and no screen lift issues *I checked* . After setting it up and downloading my apps I let the phone charge to 100% before installing my Verizon SIM. The included generic charger they sent did support the boost mode charging which I was surprised to see. After installing the SIM I had no trouble connecting to the network. I did need to use the dialer code trick to get advanced calling activated which worked perfectly for me. Upon closer inspection I found a very slight dent in the bottom right corner of the aluminum frame of the phone. No paint was removed and that alone did not bother me much. The dent apparently caused the rubberish backing to pop up in that corner as well. This was any easy fix with a guitar pick as I was able to pop the pin on the backing out back inside and it sealed perfectly. After one full work day I am very happy with this KEYone. I have 70 percent battery left with another estimated 15 hours to go. The one thing that concerned me is no option for WiFi calling at this point. This is a big option for me as I manage a dairy farm and inside the barn under the metal roof the VZW signal is not the greatest. I have relied heavily on WiFi calling in the past with my former Pixel XL included. I did lose service on occasion today but the phone quickly picked back up the signal and continued on as normal. Hoping at some point we will get an update that will allow WiFi calling with Verizon. The phone supports it and I for one in my use case would love to see it activated. In closing for a 50 dollar discount off brand new through the refurbish deal I am very pleased. Other than the small dent and lifted back cover which was a simple fix for me there are no other issues with the KEYone. It was a good purchase in my mind and should be for anyone considering the KEYone as their device. I wanted to post this as my personal experience with buying a "refurbished" device as I myself was slightly skeptical. Hopefully this can help others in the future with their decision whether to purchase or not.

    P.S. this whole post has been typed on the KEYone keyboard and after only a day I can't believe how much I've missed a great physical keyboard.
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    08-01-17 01:54 PM
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    Great way to save a few buck, and for some only way to even get the phone.....
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    08-01-17 03:30 PM
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    Seriously mate u need to put your whole things in paragraph.
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    08-01-17 03:36 PM
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    All I see is "Wall of text." And then the "P.S." part.
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    08-01-17 08:59 PM
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    Regardless of your text formatting, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. I bet you enjoyed typing it!

    Sent from my BlackBerry KEYone - the most elegantly productive, secure and utterly satisfying mobile device
    08-01-17 10:57 PM

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