1. bl78's Avatar
    Hello ;

    I completely lost my good not-so-old BB Classic in the sea... RIP...
    I finally decided to order a Keyone, should come by next monday.

    I can't use the transfer applications to recover my data from the Classic, the later being lost - the process needs the 2 phones to be present.
    Is there a way to restore a Classic backup (from BBOS 10) to the Keyone (Android...) ? Or at least, to extract some data from the backups ?

    Many thanks to anyone having an idea...

    05-05-18 06:23 PM
  2. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    I believe your only option to get that data (the backups are encrypted) is to buy another Classic and restore your backup using your same BBID and password. THEN you could use the data transfer functions.

    This is exactly why most people have long moved to cloud sync - when I bought my new phone in January, I simply logged into it with my Google ID and virtually all of my data was restored automatically. A lost or broken device will never result in lost data...
    05-05-18 06:47 PM
  3. bl78's Avatar
    It had planned to do so, buying the BB Classic of a friend - unfortunately the battery is out of order. I'll see if I can get it repaired for a good price.
    The cloud may be an option for Android or Apple phones, if you don't bother who can have a look to your files, but it probably doesn't work for SMS. The problem is that BlakBerry software is very bad, on my old Nokia E5 (Symbian) I could backup and retrive from the Windows software everything I wanted, even read the SMS - that was very good ! But Nokia is dead now (well, THIS Nokia...), so...
    05-06-18 02:27 PM

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