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    DISCLAIMER: For this release, the signature files are sourced from a delta patch file rather than a full download with the desktop tool. While the one time it's been tested worked (on an unlocked BBB100-3), I don't know if it'll work in every case. You have been warned.

    • BBB100-1 AT&T (regular should be OK)
    • BBB100-3 Sprint (regular should be OK)
    • BBB100-4/5

    Autoloader for SOME KEYones (check the list above): https://mega.nz/#!GZEmQZJA!Qqw8BHImC...2rf5aHMn--ISZA

    AAO548 raw files (for testing): https://forums.crackberry.com/showth...1#post13026913

    Same deal as the previous thread, just with newer OS code (h/t @jcrutchvt2010).

    The procedure should be the same as any other autoloader for a BB Android device, i.e. download, extract, plug in your phone (in fastboot mode), and run the .bat (Windows)/.sh (Linux/Mac) file. By default it will wipe your phone, of course; this is an autoloader after all.

    If you're on a Mac/Linux machine, you may need to replace the supplied fastboot files with fresh copies from Google. Download the right (darwin or linux) file from Google's site (https://developer.android.com/studio...orm-tools.html) and overwrite the files in the right subfolder of the host folder in the loader above.

    If you want to try this without wiping your phone (still, back up!), edit the .bat (Windows)/.sh (Linux/Mac) file, remove the lines mentioning "fastboot oem securewipe" and "fastboot flash userdata", save, and run. Also, if the file selection logic screws up somehow, just flash the right files manually, through fastboot via command line or editing the script.

    If you have a device password set, turn it off, otherwise fastboot will throw up a bunch of errors.

    The required BlackBerry USB drivers are here: https://swdownloads.blackberry.com/D...1570F46266A608

    Reply here and tell us what happened, if anything, when you ran this.

    And if you're wondering about what the right files are, there's only five files that differ between variants:

    DEVCFG: devcfg.mbn for all devices except BBB100-4/5, devcfg_cn.mbn for BBB100-4/5.

    OEM: oem_sprint.img for Sprint BBB100-3, oem_china.img for BBB100-4/5, oem_att.img for AT&T KEYone BBB100-1, oem_common.img for the rest; note, it doesn't matter if you're using (say) an unlocked BBB100-1/3 on AT&T/Verizon, you still have to load the common OEM image.

    MODEM: NON-HLOS-global.bin for BBB100-1, NON-HLOS-emea.bin for BBB100-2, NON-HLOS-usa.bin for BBB100-3, NON-HLOS-china.bin for BBB100-4/5, NON-HLOS-japan.bin for BBB100-6, NON-HLOS-india.bin for BBB100-7. Not all radio files are present at all times.

    SIGNATURES: boot/recovery.img.sig for most devices, boot/recovery.imgatt.sig for AT&T KEYone BBB100-1, boot/recovery.imgsprint.sig for Sprint KEYone BBB100-3, boot/recovery.imgchina.sig for BBB100-4/5. Make sure to load both. Not all signature files are present at all times.

    IF YOU WANT TO RETURN YOUR DEVICE TO WHAT IT WAS BEFORE: https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb...-tool-1117513/
    09-21-17 05:12 PM
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    This is the September 5, 2017 patch level update currently being pushed for the BBB100-7. I don't know what differences there are if any over AAO472.
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    09-21-17 05:19 PM
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    Thurask, I meant to ask you... I have a -7 so I just got this update... but if that didnt happen could I use a full autoloader that works with a -1 on my -7 ?
    09-21-17 08:56 PM
  4. thurask's Avatar
    Thurask, I meant to ask you... I have a -7 so I just got this update... but if that didnt happen could I use a full autoloader that works with a -1 on my -7 ?
    I guess (provided the autoloader has the right files for the -7 but most autoloaders should have them), but for now the issue is moot.
    09-21-17 09:07 PM

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