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    With a smartphone market share of less than 1%, a company that was known to be a leader in smartphone sales worldwide, with a share of over 25%, 8 years ago, is probably heading for doom, or is it?

    Many have questioned the relevance of blackberry smartphones in today’s day and age when they are just another manufacturer trying to have their own space in the large pie of android smartphones sold globally every year.

    Having the DTEK app or a physical keyboard on half of the smartphones they have in the market does help them maintain their individual brand characteristics, they may argue, but are they really relevant in a world where smartphone technologies seem to have stagnated. Well, honestly, as a tech aficionado I honestly feel smartphone technology isn’t really advancing leaps and bounds and its been like this for years. Aren’t we honestly tired of comparing processors to argue whether this phone is better or that one. OK, OLED screens are better and so are phones with bigger batteries, but in a world where all the phones virtually function the same way, the world desires something truly different. Truly different is not defined by disappearing bezels but by adding relevant features which the consumer would need in everyday usage.

    In 2010, I remember writing my first blog which mentioned that I dreamt of a phone which would have the keyboard of a blackberry (I was rocking a BB Bold 9700 back in the day) an Iphone like user interface and the ability to customize like android; come 2016 and I bought myself the BB Priv which was simply a wow device. It was a dream come true for a true blackberry lover.

    Android and apple have their own fanboys today and its been like this for years, but this isn’t half as exciting back in the day when everyone was rocking a nokia or better, when blackberry was being compared to crack (read crackberry) for its addictive nature. Hell, the crackberry book by Kevin Michaluk was the holy grail for us blackberry users and abusers. It was a beautiful time to have a blackberry when you were in class and you didn’t need to see the phone to bbm your mates. BBM was far far better than whatsapp today. After all it was the first true blue messenger for the mobile world, and you knew the songs your friends were listening to.

    With all this history, blackberry had a responsibility towards its fan base, to evolve. It seems for a while they stuck to their roadmap and didnt really evolve in the way the consumers evolved as they got used to their idevices and androids, but adopting android was a step in the right direction – Copyrighting DTEK, the blackberry hub, that quintessential keyboard and the “secure and suited up” brand image is what they have going for them even today.

    While I am not really a big fan of the usual glass and metal superphones, I am a huge fan of evolving handhelds and am looking forward to the death of this trend with Samsung Lg folding phones and blackberry’s taking back their share from this world of glass slabs, which has definitely reached its pinnacle. The end of this glass and metal slabs is near, users need something really new, disruptive, a new form factor, graphene batteries and then we would have some evolution really taking place in the mobile spectrum.

    Enough with huge advertisement campaigns to boost the sales of devices with incremental changes or worse, changes such as adding the color red to their devices. C’mon consumers, you aren’t that dumb. Demand the change you deserve, or better, grab yourself a Blackberry KeyOne to own something really better, evolved and really different.

    With over 25 shortcuts on the keyboard your every action is really just a tap away, now that’s called making life easier. This is something truly evolutionary. Those buttons wont just open apps, they’ll actually do the whole task for you like calling mom or wife and gone will be the days when we shall go to contacts or favourites after opening the phone app to dial a simple damn number.

    I’m sold, are you?
    06-27-17 07:11 AM

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