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    Send MMS with photo to friend with a KeyOne and she gets more than 10 copies of the message!

    Here's the background:
    A friend activated a KeyOne on Verizon. She wanted to use BB Hub, but phone also has Android default Messages app running. Troubles arose with SMS - Hub could show first line of a new message, but could not open the entire message! And the original Messages app had other troubles with SMS threads.
    A search revealed that installing Textra (or perhaps Pulse) would solve this problem. We installed Textra and all seemed well. Even though working OK, I made sure to disable the default Messages app. BB Hub is still installed and running. Works great with SMS now.

    The real problem:
    Then I sent her MMS with photo and she got more than 10 copies. Tried again, different photo. Same problem. Pretty awful.

    Do we need to disable BB Hub? Or does it have to be uninstalled?
    Should we instead try Pulse?

    Thanks for your help.
    02-07-19 01:42 PM
  2. Glenn Nelson's Avatar
    Solved the problem by installing Pulse. But for your benefit, let me elaborate ...

    I discovered that sending group MMS, text only, no photo, was OK - one copy only.
    I surmise that Textra and another text app are somehow conflicting. I believe that MMS with photo operates as an attachment: the text part comes in, then the message app fetches the photo from a server. Probably another app (not the default Messages, I disabled it; probably the BB Hub) was also trying to fetch the photo. Something goes wrong with get/receive flags and one of the apps tries over and over, not realizing that it has already succeeded; after 12 copies are received, it stops.

    I wish I could persuade my friend to remove BB Hub - it's only being used for email now. She has a gmail and yahoo account. I think she'd be better off just using gmail app to fetch both accounts.
    02-10-19 12:27 PM

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