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    As someone who has recently transitioned from the BB10 Passport to the KEYone, I am finally getting used to the Android OS on a BlackBerry device. I am glad that BlackBerry has tried to include some of their legacy functionality (Hub, calendar, contacts, etc) in the form of installed apps on the KEYone (and their other Android devices). Sure it's not the same BB10 experience, but I am still surprisingly pleased overall. Admittedly I haven't always taken the time to rate the apps that I install and use on my devices. But if you are happy with your BlackBerry apps, take the time to rate them in the Play Store. Positive ratings may help increase interest by others who have fallen away from "the family" or sway some who might add some BlackBerry functionality to their Android device for the first time. That could lead to increased downloads and further development and refinement of the apps which of course is a good thing. I have no business relationship with any tech company - I only wish to see BlackBerry continue to thrive for my own personal productivity and enjoyment!
    06-20-17 04:55 PM

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