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    From searching this forum I'm a bit surprised more KEYone owners haven't noticed but there's a major keyboard flaw whereby in any personal shortcut (word substitution) like "atm" = "at the moment" the capitalisation setting is reset after restarting your device. For me this feature had BlackBerrys ahead of competition years ago and is a major reason why I came back to the physical keyboard KEYone. I reported it here on CrackBerry, and opened a ticket with Blackberry who told me months ago:

    Our development team is already aware of this capitalization bug and as soon as possible a fix will be made and pushed out to the KEYone devices through a system update. Please note that we cannot provide any estimated time of arrival for any kind of update, as they are completely handled by the Development team and pushed from their end over the air.
    There's been several system updates and it's still not fixed. If you setup your own shortcuts, you need to rewrite them to have the correct sentence case after any restart. That could take 20 minutes if you have as many as I do.

    Are you guys seeing this too?

    Rant - Bad KEYone support for keyboard software bug-12403.jpg
    09-09-17 06:33 AM

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