1. the_boon's Avatar
    This is to those K1 owners who:

    -Never owned a BB before this one
    -Users who left BB long long ago

    What made you suddenly "redpill" when you heard the K1 being announced and pushed you to ditch the slab and fork out the + $550 ?
    What triggered the "Eh, to hell with slabs, that BB looks better for me than all these other flagships" ?
    09-29-17 07:48 AM
  2. oc6204's Avatar
    The PKB. Learned to type, 10-key, and data keypunch years ago on PKBs.
    One of my non-smartphone phones that I used the longest(6 years), was an LG with a PKB.
    When I had to upgrade to a smartphone, I tried using VKBs, and they just do not work for me.
    And, as a bonus, it really does look so much better than the all glass slabs out there.
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    09-29-17 08:09 AM

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