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    I have not received a reply to the post below on the MyPhoneExplorer forum, so I thought I would try here:

    I just bought 4 BB KEYone phones for my family. These are our first smartphones. If possible, I would like to use MyPhoneExplorer (1) to sync files, especially documents, with my PC (running Windows 10), (2) to copy apps and settings from my phone to the other three phones, so I do not have to repeat the process, and (3) to back up and restore apps, settings, and data in case a phone becomes corrupted or is lost.

    I have been able to establish a wi-fi connection between my phone and my PC.

    Here are my concerns:

    (A) The folders in "internal storage" all appear to have synced. The phone call records and notifications are shown in my PC, but not the documents in BlackBerry Note, and not any Messages.

    (B) I have tried to sync documents, both .txt and .docx files. If I create a doc in the phone, I can usually transfer it to the PC, but if I update it in the PC and then try to sync, there is usually an error message that MPE cannot find the file in the phone, or sometimes it appears to sync the file, but I cannot open it in the phone.

    (C) I understand MPE is designed to back up and restore to the same phone or perhaps to transfer data, apps, and settings to a new replacement phone, but can it be used to transfer the entire set-up (except for the Android OS) to three other phones?

    Is there a general problem or limitation using MPE for the BB KEYone?
    12-11-18 07:52 PM

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