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    So my 2016 Subaru Forester factory radio's ability to utilize its internal Pandora app when connected to my KEYone is spotty at best. I can always use Pandora through the regular bluetooth input, but I much prefer to try and use the radio's Pandora app as it has additional functionally (liking songs, accessing my stations through my radio instead of touching my phone, etc.). What usually happens is I click on the Pandora car app, the radio spins for a minutes, and then i get an error saying to make sure the Pandora app is properly installed on my phone.

    I have made sure the setting to allow car launching of the Pandora phone app is enabled. I also went into the Power Center and enabled background launching. FInally, I have also recently performed a factory reset, forgot and reconnected my phone to the car, and have cleared the Pandora phone app's cache. None of these items causes the sync to work correctly.

    Has anyone had these problems with the Pandora car apps and knows of a solution I can try?
    11-30-18 11:00 AM

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