1. stevec66's Avatar
    I find it very frustrating that the only way to make or receive a call is by using speaker phone because of some unknown reason my Keyone won't allow me to make or receive without the speaker phone being activated. Has anyone come up with a solution to this issue yet.

    For a $800 device for this to happen within 18 months of purchase does not speak well for TLC manufacturing. Perhaps a software issue that BlackBerry needs to address. Has anyone found a work around this or does the phoned need to be taken back to ground zero.
    12-04-18 12:25 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Dial *#2886#, tap MANU and test the speakers under Audio. If they don't work there, it's hardware. If they do work there, then it's likely your OS in which case, burn it down.
    12-04-18 12:57 PM
  3. stevec66's Avatar
    Tks Bla1ze did the test as suggested it's Audio failure, I will continue to use the phone as is as I need for work. Just no more private conversations with the Mistress while the wife is around LOL
    12-04-18 03:45 PM

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