1. krzyabn's Avatar
    Looking forward to buying my KEYone but wanted to know if anyone has a good privacy screen protector (preferably on eBay) that I could buy? Not interested in the privacy shade app.. Just wanted a normal screen protector.

    If anyone has one that actually fits and it's good quality please let me know
    05-19-17 08:17 PM
  2. hoytbowhunter's Avatar
    Same here..
    krzyabn likes this.
    05-19-17 08:20 PM
  3. Spinnp's Avatar
    You guys look for 2 ways or 4 ways privacy screen protector ?

    Just to add on, the protectors themselves do not cover the curved glass fully but they do cover up the viewable areas of the screen.

    for 2 ways privacy protector, try upscreen.


    for 4 ways privacy protector, try dipos.

    I tried both. Upscreen fits and works perfectly but I don't really enjoy the feel of this screen protector, as I noticed smudges on it during usage.

    Dipos doesn't fit perfectly, I need to cut it to fit, the protector itself is too long, but I enjoyed the feel of matte surface.

    Brightness itself are not an issue for me in my day to day usage, Brightness capped at 30-40%.
    05-20-17 03:01 AM

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