1. krzyabn's Avatar
    Looking forward to buying my KEYone but wanted to know if anyone has a good privacy screen protector (preferably on eBay) that I could buy? Not interested in the privacy shade app.. Just wanted a normal screen protector.

    If anyone has one that actually fits and it's good quality please let me know
    05-19-17 09:17 PM
  2. hoytbowhunter's Avatar
    Same here..
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    05-19-17 09:20 PM
  3. Spinnp's Avatar
    You guys look for 2 ways or 4 ways privacy screen protector ?

    Just to add on, the protectors themselves do not cover the curved glass fully but they do cover up the viewable areas of the screen.

    for 2 ways privacy protector, try upscreen.


    for 4 ways privacy protector, try dipos.

    I tried both. Upscreen fits and works perfectly but I don't really enjoy the feel of this screen protector, as I noticed smudges on it during usage.

    Dipos doesn't fit perfectly, I need to cut it to fit, the protector itself is too long, but I enjoyed the feel of matte surface.

    Brightness itself are not an issue for me in my day to day usage, Brightness capped at 30-40%.
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    05-20-17 04:01 AM
  4. anon(8679041)'s Avatar
    Not interested in the privacy shade app
    This app will just help the one who stares at your screen better follow every single line of text while you read it too.
    hehe we're safe! same applies to the dtek app, it kind of protects from apps accessing some permissions by giving you this information. But I really think apps got smarter than this. They better keep their apps permission-less and then while you interact with it, they'll ask you smth kind of: Would you like "this" personalized information/thing? if yes please insert your few details here, here and here.

    just like facebook does lol.

    Let the droid keyones exist for the ones liking this os. But I'm sure a lot of BB fans won't make the switch exactly because of droid. Give us the choice (BB10 or droid).
    08-20-17 10:56 AM

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